Wow! I got THREE BONUSES in only 13 Minutes gambling on Golden Fire Link slot machine in Las Vegas

Wow! I got THREE BONUSES in only 13 Minutes gambling on Golden Fire Link slot machine in Las Vegas

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Comments: 12
  1. Kahimo & Rachel 🎸🎵

    Liked, wow it was so cool to watch u get 3 bonuses in 25 minutes and win well great job Hun keep up the brilliant work good luck on your next game, please stay in touch and Take Care guys! 😀😀

  2. Macheal Arnold

    🙋‍♀️ And, good job!!👍💲💲💲💲👍😁💞

  3. Garrett Elliott

    Run girl run !

  4. Bluberi Gaming

    Nice! Hi! I’m Dan, the new Brand Marketing Manager for Bluberi. Do you ever play any of our titles?

  5. kellyd10021

    Amazing session!! So happy for you 😊

  6. The Good Life 88

    I love it when that happens. Plus hearing you say Ya'll is always fun!

  7. Susan W.

    Nice hit! Playing the lower denominations can still get you a Big Win! Did you notice that the wins that were less than $100 only threw out a small amount of coins in the winner display but the really big win had tons of coins and fireworks? Always go for the big show! 😂

  8. Michael Taylor

    Your changing denoms makes it more interesting and suspenseful! (Denominations, that is). De-NOms, in French!?! 😆 Good luck!

  9. Donna Walker

    Nice going!!! Like this new version 😘❤️

  10. Jim Illiadis

    Wow, great hit on penny denom…deep voice finish BIG WIN. Love hearing you say that always makes me laugh.

  11. Lisa Fix

    Great video….these are amounts I play…love watching…

  12. debvigil50

    Good evening. Good luck.

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