Wheel decides my $100,000 bonus buy…

Wheel decides my $100,000 bonus buy...

Today, we are doing a $100,000 bonus buy, decided by a random wheel!

Over $1,000,000 has been sent to viewers, friends & team members on my gambling journey!

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Gambling will ALWAYS result in a loss in the longrun. It should only be used as a form of entertainment. Play responsibily and within your limits.

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Comments: 20
  1. Tracy Moodley

    Please bro help me with some cash

  2. Ronkeli

    Degen buys wow

  3. Sussan

    I always miss the streams because of the time differences

  4. Wayne Flanagan

    Great video again Foss my bro 💯

  5. Jamie Felton

    all he ever says is the words yess brooo or yess man …. lol

  6. GoddessofloveVee

    Good video. Glad it turned out the way it did. Can't wait till the next stream!!

  7. Louis Stebler

    Looping is my username ❤❤

  8. Imperial

    Best of luck in 2023!

  9. Rutger Meek

    That 40k buy was painful damn. Nice vid as always

  10. Frank Yard

    Happy new year

  11. Joe Barton

    Love all your videos Foss MAX WIN plz lol

  12. Farang Love

    gl nice stuff

  13. Sammie Murray (akchic21)

    LFG!!! To more wins in the new year!

  14. PapaLaggsalot

    Love the video broths. Keep up the grind

  15. Goatmop

    Foss I have nothing against you and your content but please consider not partnering with roobet, from my experience and my friends they treat their players horribly.
    roobet has done me wrong multiple times and I can't even get in contact with their support because they owe me money and just ignore me. Please learn more about how they treat their players.


    Good luck 🤞 Bro please send Me tip Roobet id Club69

  17. Bosslot Gaming

    hellloo foss

  18. cm xxxiii

    Glad that you got back your initial deposit for todays game. To more massive wins for you this year ✨

  19. Boris Popovic

    nice happy new year
    lots of love Foss

  20. Les Mccomb

    Happy new year foss 👍

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