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These videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please gamble responsibly.

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  1. Brenda Nelson

    Vegas bitter roller 😂 you crack me up

  2. Howard Forest

    Love watching you win or lose you always entertain. I don’t know how you don’t drop more f bombs I’d be cursing up a storm asking for a manager!!!!

  3. Ur mom

    I like when he buys bonuses. I’m waiting for him to hit big this way.

  4. Janel Roach

    I have a love hate relationship with the buying bonuses!! It’s something I would never be able to do but I live vicariously through you while you do it 😂

  5. Lily White aka Conspiracy Realist

    Love it when you buy bonuses, but get depressed when they pay badly 😳☹️

  6. Matthew Wolf

    I enjoy the buying bonus videos Daniel. I enjoy all your videos, and are glad you mix them up doing different videos like this buying bonus video. Keep up the great work

  7. Tom

    I miss buying cashman link bonuses

  8. Ted Sanghus

    I love it when you buy bonuses.

  9. lucysapphire

    I love the buy a bonus videos. Even thought it’s painful 😂

  10. BerryinHI

    I'm with the "opposite of love it buying bonuses." Lol!

  11. DG Production

    We got robbed in the past with these "buy bonus" features bit also saw others getting handpays buying so I'm thinking it's all luck. Sending lots of Jackpots on your next session & have a blessed week Daniel. 🎉🤟💯🍹🍾🤙👋🚀🤑💰🍀

  12. doug wilson

    These bonus buy slots are suckered bets you should never do it again . Go back the gas station slots.

  13. Karen Nostrand

    Been playing this game much prefer reg play. Thanks for video..

  14. Rick Leong

    Good luck VLR! Grazie #3699

  15. MelBin Slots

    Better Luck Next Time @VegasLowRoller Have a Great Day and Good Luck Always Stay Blessed 🙏🤙😎💥🍀💯

  16. Tessimistic420

    I know what you're saying. I'm west cost myself LOL 😁

  17. Angela Vasquez

    I officially HATE this game! Nothing magical about it😡

  18. Jeffrey Shoemaker

    This just tells me not to play this slot as the bonus seems quite underwhelming

  19. Tom K

    I hate buying bonus vids. At least on these games. You haven’t ever won a jackpot

  20. ANDREW

    Thank u for the entertainment Daniel!

  21. Rosemary Gibbs

    Did you all hear the keywords for this session today? Yes, it's "Stupendously unsatisfied." There you have it.💓
    Remember, this channel offers Buy one, get one free.
    Thanks, Daniel.💕👍

  22. Patti Smith

    Oh Daniel I feel the rage 😤… I was holding my breath and thought I was going to pass out as well. . These bonuses should be ashamed 😮❤️🍀🍀🍀


    I love when you buy bonuses.

  24. Erwin Chua

    This game is a jerk face, worst game ever..

  25. N C

    This is painful.

  26. Maureen McDonnell

    Daniel I like the wizard bonus game you seem to win mo4e

  27. Dustin Is Driving

    I love gambling through Daniel… I never know what money we will be adding or losing in our pocket life

  28. john Baldock

    I Love it when you play "Buying Bonuses" But Hate it when you Lose! Sorry mate.🇬🇧😢

  29. Live Good Eat Healthy

    I've yet to see you actually win with these buy a bonus on the coin trio game. Perhaps it's just a sucky game best perma avoided, but you do you bro.

  30. Martha Lopez

    I like it❤❤

  31. Zane Kettle

    Buy a bonus = 💩

  32. Juan Flores

    im never buying bonus again

  33. Grace Turo

    Hugs u.need it dear

  34. Salvatore Arbassio

    Cashman if your buying bonuses. Way more potential. This game mostly sucks for this.

  35. Hope Perez

    Hello Daniel 😮 I don't like those buy in bonuses.

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