Vegas Casino Boss Rates 7 Casino Heists In Movies And TV | How Real Is It? | Insider

Vegas Casino Boss Rates 7 Casino Heists In Movies And TV | How Real Is It? | Insider

Casino boss Brian Stanton rates seven casino-heist scenes in movies and television for realism. He discusses the accuracy of …
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  1. kadory FT

    he just say u not welcome if u win

  2. Rick Cramer

    this is great and HIL-arious. F'ing Hollywood

  3. LIK ENT

    But the distraction will give them enough time to get a head start to cash the coins out

  4. LIK ENT

    Damn so what if the dealer just do happen to just look back and see u 💀he gone automatically be suspicious

  5. Tim Dinh

    Idc I encourage you to cheat the casinos. They deserve it for taking peoples money every year.

  6. Nathan Shike

    They call it a Hollywood movies and shows for a reason!!!!!!!! When I am sitting watching a movie I am not sitting there wondering how accurate it is

  7. Apollo

    Incase anyone is curious those equations are statics and dynamics equations (force analysis) they have nothing to do with statistics 😂 3:37

  8. CJ Meiko

    I was waiting for the Casino scene to show up…I regret nothing

  9. WheelerRickTHETIEGUY

    Casinos don’t want your money…they want your time! You give them time…they will get your money!

  10. RedTail 1-1

    The volume for all these expert videos is always so damn low. I have to max the volume on my phone just to hear anything.

  11. RedTail 1-1

    Or they’re looking at you because they’re nervous about you finding some reason to fire them. Some people worry that if they do any little thing wrong they’ll lose their job and having someone watching them makes it worse.

  12. somdusazerate

    The mob totally didn't use a cattle prod!!!!!! Get a load of this guy… Sal was better, this clown is just a poster boy for the new casinos.

  13. Janne

    So u say casinos dont laundry criminal persons money? I dont think soo, mob still a thing

  14. Turbix

    VEGAS casino boss acknowledging that card counting is NOT cheating NOR illegal and is simply using your head to anticipate but not know for sure what's coming next is huge. This person is well educated in their business and I respect them fully!

  15. Raw Financial News

    This guy's pretty smart and pretty accurate, most casino's don't care about the average counter; they'll only bar an pleasant tipping counter if they see them as a threat to that shift's turning a profit. Though some criticisms are modern standards to 1960's casinos.

  16. dontaylucero

    Oceans eleven was so bad

  17. Harry Rocco

    I worked in the industry for many years with Brian…he knows his stuff!

  18. Unedited Footage of a Goblin

    Working security at a casino this is a great video. There's so many things in check to keep a lot of these things from happening.

  19. Daniel Orta

    “People think they can count cards and they really can’t” okay mr security guard

  20. Shortvidsfunnies

    The casino always win😮

  21. Riddox

    04:55 says all you need to know about acutally winning in a casino :P

  22. Guerby Duval

    4:59 it's crazy that casinos don't want you to win!!! Card counting is not illegal but you're not welcome. Those casinos should be illegal.

  23. Leaky Crease

    Card counting isn’t illegal, it’s frowned upon. Like masturbating on an airplane.

  24. Thomas Ober

    Nucular. It's pronounced nucular.

  25. Bob Dylan

    If you count cards, you HAVE to do not over a long period of time.

  26. Harrison Reeck


  27. 5mmfreedom

    “I would hope that some government agency, like OSHA, would protect us…” 😂😂😂 That’s the only unbelievable part of this video.

  28. Joseph Thibodaux

    What about 21

  29. Alyssa Dice Flipper

    Last year, I witnessed pit-boss at Paris( craps tables) get confronted by the hotel security staff, cuffed and hauled away. We heard the head of security in a suit say, "you know what you did!". The guy didn't fight or speak and just left with them. The entire table of players were shocked! What do you think he did?

  30. ThisisBen

    Just proves who the biggest scammers and cheaters are, which are the casinos. They'll do absolutely everything in their power so you lose as much money as possible. But hey if you're dumb enough to hand the casinos free money. . . . That's on you

  31. Michael Wallace

    Tell me you've never seen a SCIF without telling me you've never seen a SCIF

  32. The Amazing Robin

    3:40 but if they can, then they get backed off 😄

  33. Kasper

    "I think I saw a hundred-thousand-dollar bet on a snake eyes…"
    [it's abundantly obvious that the bet is $150,000]

    Long time no floor walk, Mr. "Casino boss"? lol

  34. James Dean

    2:53 He's completely wrong about the betting limits here, because if you pay attention to earlier in the movie, this particular casino was setup specifically for high rollers. Every patron would have been super rich so not only would a $500 bet not be the maximum, it probably would not even be the minimum! Lol 🤣

  35. Dustin Platt

    Blackjack player: Puts down $1,000,000 on one and first hand

    Dealer: Looks for Pit Boss to see if it's ok

    Pit Boss: Nods head That's OK

    Player: Hits blackjack

    Pit Boss: That's illegal. You're not allowed to keep your money or play here again. Goodbye.

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