Once a month Slot Hubby and I travel to the Reno / Sparks area for a trip to Baldini’s Casino and Grand Sierra Resort Casino. This trip, we found tons of new slot machine games at GSR, including the BRAND NEW DANCING DRUMS POWER TRIO ! I landed the super rare mega feature for a big win !

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Comments: 32
  1. Lori DeForest

    That was amazing!!!! Congratulations!!!!🎉❤

  2. Pamela Morris

    Super rare indeed, great video!!

  3. Patti Smith

    Fun game and with that double bonus so much potential 🎉. So I was wondering why you only get one reel with the last one and 3 towers with the first couple I guess there’s a special drum to trigger that one ? ☺️🍀🍀🍀

  4. Janet Walker

    So cool

  5. Margaret Cobb

    The double bonus was very interesting. I thought you would have played back-to-back regular bonuses. Great wins on your last day.

  6. Donna Owens

    It's Not a bad video you did great

  7. doitman RV


  8. Mary Ward

    Double Bonus! That was awesome! Good for you!

  9. Sandee Dial

    Congratulations 👏 🎉 🎊 🎯 on your Dancing Drums Win 😊❤

  10. Sally H

    Great session! Like the new games…🙂

  11. Pammy YOLO

    Nice wins at GSR! Just got home from Gold Ranch (I think that's the name) on the border & won over $600. So I drove straight to the Lotto house and put $100 on tonight's over $1 billion drawing! 🙏🫰🤞

  12. swede swede

    Its so huge !!!!

  13. Alex Shapley


  14. Fluffy McFlufferson

    Nice wins!! 🎉

  15. Rory August

    I keep calling the GSR the GnR, that's my favorite Walmart lol.

  16. Milo Mapilisan

    20 double bonus bonus

  17. Rita Hasz

    Fun wins 😊

  18. Roger Pultz

    Awesome win 👍👍

  19. JayTay

    Great video! Loved seeing all the bonuses!!💜

  20. Sally Abernathey

    We now have power trio at our local. I hit a bonus the first time I played it. So far it seems 👌 ok.. go slot hubby

  21. Wotsitmeister


  22. Pennsylvania Low Roller

    Nice bonus on new dancing drums machine. Keep spinning and winning.

  23. Kim Ott

    Fun fun fun. Looked like an awesome weekend!

  24. Toni Tomer

    That was really cool

  25. G Williams

    Is Sacramento (including Sparks, Reno, Tahoe) living better than Las Vegas? [Better meaning, more fun, more opportunities for slot games, friendly people).]

  26. Doug Gildow

    even rarer double comment comment

  27. steve goering

    Wow congrats…continued luck…

  28. Ima Day

    I won 1485.00 a few days ago on Dancing drums Prosperity!!! I did the 3 games on a 5.88 bet🙌🙌🙌

  29. Edmond Dante's

    Wow you bt 10.00 way to go 😊

  30. susan wallace


  31. Rosie Gray

    I may have risked the biscuit on mystery for this one.

  32. weerobot


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