TWO TOP BONUSES!! Stacked Fire 7's, Ted, Goonies Return & Gold Cash Freespins!

TWO TOP BONUSES!! Stacked Fire 7's, Ted, Goonies Return & Gold Cash Freespins!

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Hey everyone, today I have slots with gambles, starting with Stacked Fire 7’s then moving on to Gold Cash Freespins. I also played the Goonies Return, pushing for a top bonus! Plus Beavis & Butthead then a surprise bonus on Ted! I finished the session on Santa King Megaways.

Have a wonderful Christmas everybody!!
Comments: 33
  1. Mart de Bruin

    What were you doing at Goonies😂😂😂

  2. C9AXIOM

    Watched my mate win 400 quid off an 80p stake on teds big money bonus. Straight in with the 500x

  3. derek blake

    The bonus wins are low because of the low bet.

  4. James Hodgson

    Ouch that Santa king 👑 was rubbish

  5. Albie's Angling

    Unlucky on this one sorry only just catching up but been playing n winning since crimbo eve deposited 50 n took 600 in total won 500+ on a 20p stake on battleship direct hit by sinking the grand ship for 500 all the best with your future videos

  6. Private Eye

    Enjoyed this video thanks for the upload

  7. Alasdair Mc

    41 secs in so everyone knows stop and waffle

  8. Mike Lindsay - Friendly Neighbourhood Barman

    another banger

  9. Matt Burle

    Good session, Darren, can i get a shout out, can you play King's honour or Fish and Frenzy please, thanks 👍

  10. @dj x-tec♦️

    Merry xmas buddy J🎄🎄✨🎆

  11. gary conway

    I had top goonie bonus n it paid 46x disgraceful.

  12. Justin Manser

    Yeah the Goonies Return is so bad for UK players… I'd steer clear of it, looking like a 20-30% RTP… Merry Christmas, and New year… I have to admit that I hit a 5940x on a 10p Christmas Eve… Amazing also is that was off the free gift spins on the site….

  13. wayneeboiii 1

    Thanks for another year of solid entertainment Darren merry xmas mate have a belter

  14. Lisa Burgess

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year too you all have a jolly good time good luck x

  15. miss beast

    I've been playing big fishing fortune and omg after 1 or 2 bonuses they get horrendous. £20 fish most times but that's on £1 stake. .How have others found it ?

  16. paul summerfield

    Hello Darren,
    Merry Christmas, great stuff with the bonuses.
    Had a nightmare on "Napoleon" 50p spins and bonus paid Zilch-so left it at there and won't be going back to it.
    Happy new year bud 😃

  17. Adam Berrill

    Merry xmas Dazza, thanks for all the entertainment over the year x

  18. David Room

    Merry Xmas daz

  19. jordanalt

    I’ve tried and tried to get willy bonus myself but never got it the best one I usually choose is the skeleton bonus (goonies) 40p to £146

  20. Acer Squires

    Merry Christmas darren and happy new year let's get ready for big wins in 2022 😆

  21. klashnacovak47

    Great video again. Maybe take the 6 free spins then go for gamble next time.

    Have a good one.

  22. Badger

    Thanks for trying

  23. mitsy40 Uk

    Merry Christmas Darren 😊

  24. Robert Locke

    i stopped playing on mr q site because the bonus rounds payed shocking i once got 16 spins on lucky king megaways and it payed 0.5x 1 small win 1st spin then 15 dead spins thats when i left

  25. Mark Wade

    Goonies is rubbish

  26. Robert Millington

    Makes me laugh when you say know u lost

  27. Robert Millington

    Nice 1 for pushing it for Christmas 👍

  28. Robert Millington

    Well done Darren.
    You always's have to stick with it gambling bonuses on goonies and good on you for going all the way 👍
    You know it makes sense.
    £200 disappointing but what more can you do…🤷‍♂️

  29. Stevenm76

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  30. ME

    Merry Xmas Darren and all your viewers 👍


    Merry Christmas Darren have a smashing 1

  32. chazzlebazzle

    Merry Christmas mate….I hope you saved some of the recent wins the 6k or most of it

  33. Dave Gould

    Nice one Darren, have a nice Christmas, look forward to your next vid, cheers mate. 👍👍👍

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