TOP 3 Best Slots Strategies with Highest Returns | Casino Guru Explains

TOP 3 Best Slots Strategies with Highest Returns | Casino Guru Explains

Are you looking for the winning slot machine strategy? Some magical casino slot machine tips which will allow you to beat the casino? The ones who promise you a 100% slot strategy that will ensure you a big win are scammers.

However, you can adjust your style of play to get the most out of your game in terms of expected results and enjoyability. In this video Casino Guru will tell you about the best slot machine strategies based on our expert knowledge and the results of our mathematical simulations.

In the first part of this video we’ll go through the basics of safe gambling. Then we’ll have a look at the three top strategies which will help you to enjoy the game and increase your chances to win. But always keep in mind that gambling should be first and foremost about having fun.

If you’re not familiar with the terms RTP and volatility, watch our video about how casino games work first:

You can find the results of simulations and detailed descriptions of the Smart Gambler and four other strategies in our article dedicated to the slot machines strategies:

More information on how the slots work is available at and in other Casino Guru educational articles.

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00:00:00 – Slot machine strategy to win
00:00:38 – Before you start playing in casino
00:01:16 – Flat bet strategy
00:01:54 – Reverse martingale strategy
00:03:33 – Smart gambler strategy
00:05:37 – Careful mom’s strategy
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