Timber Wolf Chief Slot – BIG WIN Bonus in 2nd Attempt! Third Bonus was the Charm at Yaamava Casino!

Timber Wolf Chief Slot - BIG WIN Bonus in 2nd Attempt! Third Bonus was the Charm at Yaamava Casino!

Three bonuses and a BIG WIN Free Games bonus in the New Timber Wolf Chief slot machine by Aristocrat. In this new version, …

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  1. Slot it Like its hot🔥🔥

    I like this Timberwolf chief nice bonuses

  2. Charles Howard

    After today and 63 free games on Buffalo and didn't even make it to $100 I am done with San Diego county casinos. I am going to drive to San Manuel, I don't think I'm going to put another dollar into the kumi eye or lasagno tribes in southern california. It is not your best bet. It is not the percentage of loss is not on your side. Totally at all. I think the game commission is bought out like everything in California. Traveling to the casino's in southern California. Barona viejas syquan Pala Palma Rincon Valley view pechanga I don't see you people coming here and doing videos there you know why because you are not winning there. Why bother? That is my sediments exactly. I don't think I will put another dollar in the San Diego county casino after what I have seen and witnessed these last couple of years and I have played very close attention. Something is wrong. Good night gentlemen, Good night everyone. Best of luck. Good gambling

  3. Charles Howard

    I already know they don't allow videos. You can only wonder why duh cut it out

  4. Charles Howard

    So there it is the honest truth. Take it as you want. I put it out there, but I don't think the San Diego county casinos including Rincon that is included to Harrah's pays out to anyone in San Diego county. I am sorry that is my assessment after losing thousands of dollars. It is not to say something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong on someone needs to check into it in California. You have to remember you can buy out anyone for the right price including state officials, federal officials, anybody and everyone knows that in California you can be bought out for the right price so you can live in a mansion and drive your Mercedes-Benz down to the corner of 711 every morning. Seriously folks check into it

  5. Charles Howard

    I honestly think the game commissioner in San Diego county casinos is on the take seriously if you do everything that you were doing in Vegas and San Diego county casinos you're not going to do even as quarter is good because I know I tried it. Something is wrong. Something is terribly wrong

  6. Charles Howard

    Well my experience in San Diego county casino don't bother. It's not like yum of all the casinos that are connected to Las Vegas, Even Rincon Harrah's casino in San Diego county does not pay. I've been doing everything that you have been doing and you know what they do not pay. I don't know if the game commissioner is bought out. I don't know but seriously folks. You have to check it out on your own and I think you already have because I don't see you doing any videos from San Diego county casinos

  7. DG Production

    Luck has arrived at 12:14 when the x3 lined up with the wolf wolfs 🐺🐺imagine the x5 show up on the 4th reel? Congrats Albert on the amazing winning session. Have a beautiful week filled with love & joy my friend. 🤗👋💰🤑☘️🎉🎰🤟🚀🍀💯

  8. Rock Ya Slots Off

    Awesome win🔥🔥🎸🎸🎸

  9. Wendy Morgan

    Looking forward to seeing this game locally!

  10. Catherine Linder

    Very. very nice/

  11. Slots and Cocktails

    This was a fun season. Great winning 😀🎉🎉🎉🍀🍀

  12. LilSmart

    Nice game! Unfortunately, didnt pay much… Maybe at another casino😊

  13. Doris Loves Keno

    ✨🐺✨ always good luck to you 🍀🍀🍀🤞

  14. martha posey

    I like this game, hope it makes here to Indianapolis. Good win Sir

  15. susan oreilly

    I like that game nice win!!!🎰👍😊

  16. MAMACHOO Slots

    Great video as always. Hope your weekend is going well 🥰

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