THIS NEW SLOT MACHINE SPOKE TO ME!! BONUSES GALORE!! Lady Luck HQ is at The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las …
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  1. Lady Luck HQ

    Down To My Last $82 Bucks & I Win This MASSIVE Jackpot 🤯

  2. Don Durgan

    Played this today for my first time, got 3 different bonues, but still left $20 down 😆 was fun tho, just had bad luck on one bonus

  3. SpicyRamen602

    Love this game. Most I bet is 1.76 tho.

  4. JOZoSo

    Pronouncing it 'ingawt' instead of the proper way 'inguht' kills me a bit each time.

  5. Luis Garza


  6. John Scott

    That game sucks

  7. Sandra Arias

    Thus game is boring 😴 Not fun!!

  8. Joshua Jansen

    New is always better

  9. MaritimerCanada

    cool game

  10. Vy Nguyen

    You can play kingdom.

  11. John McAfee

    Those "bonuses" were tighter than my Aunt Sally's garters…

  12. Christopher Folekene

    Love it a new games I've never seen before.

  13. Vidalinda Luz

    Es tu mujer y la llevas al fracaso y al vicio

  14. Vidalinda Luz

    Porque la fisuras a ella



  16. vanessa franz

    I thought you were betting $88.00 then realized it was 8.80
    I like how you do high amounts and do lower bets (for us that don’t thousands to spend on gambling). I learn the games watching you two. Ty

  17. Always Hungry

    It was not so Glorious……..

  18. Spin and Win Slots

    Cool new game. This looks like something we would play. Good luck on your next casino visit.

  19. Carmen Montoya

    Hola Ledy Luche HQ 👋👋 ya di mi Like Cuernavaca Morelos México 🇲🇽💯🤑💯🇲🇽🌻🍀😷😎💚❤️👍

  20. jane hobbs

    Penny slots are too expensive

  21. Deb Miller

    I like that the pot coins turn to wilds on other games they waste space.

  22. KrissKrop

    Not going to lie I just rather hear Lady luck talk…. I'm sure the dude is a great dude but you know LOL

  23. John

    Your new nick name "The Slot Whisperer."

  24. 백상어

    I really envy with you and hubby.
    Congrats massive jackpot. Thank you for your video chennel.good luck.

  25. Lois Mosley

    Hey hey 👋


    So excited Husband and I are staying at Hard Rock Tampa for 3 days. I'm going to look for some of the games you play. High limit area is not very big so, games are limited.

  27. Michał Chyliński

    Dumb people…

  28. Acoustic Shadow

    This game seemed to be a tad below Lady Luck standards. Btw, did you guys avoid the floods in Vegas? Just curious.

  29. Matt Coyle

    Ahh you are spoiling us LL…twosday Tuesday…i can feel a new feature coming…Play Along A Slot With LLHQ…where you and your subs check out new slot games as you play along…hehe…thanks guys xx

  30. Busy Bee

    Debbie loves slots won the grand on this game it double it over 17,000

  31. Garry Lang

    I see a slot machine named Lady Luck in the near future – that would be so cool!

  32. Darci Koch

    Congrats 👏. Don't think I've seen this game 🤔 thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Tuesday. ❤☘🥰☘❤

  33. Akhmad farid azis

    Crazy jakpot

  34. Alvaro Q

    Wanna see buffalos 🦬🦬🦬🦬

  35. Lovel John

    O yes this game looks nice .win big😄🥃

  36. Lesbia Meneses

    Cuando ganas en un casino.ahi vuelves a dejar en dinero 💰

  37. AkaFiftyFifty

    Hola all. I need to hit up the Kasino you all make it feel like ima be hitting a huge massive jackpot!!

  38. Barbara Rowan

    So sorry 😞

  39. fortyeye

    Fun game 😎

  40. Cumar Cabdi Haashi

    Congratulations lady lucky I hope your winner Always

  41. wolfeson1

    Vegaslowroller has been playing this on his channel for almost 2 months. I can;t wait for it to make it up here to Spokane WA. or Worley Idaho. On that first bonus I kept seeing the x7 roll by kept yellin stop damnit.

  42. Megan Abra

    Nice job on this massive jackpot

  43. Helane Solomon

    Debbie Loves Slots won the Grand x2 on this a while back. $17K. 😁

  44. Carmen Alcantar

    Hi Lady Luck good luck my friend 🎰🎰🎰🍀🖖

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