This NEW PIROTS slot from ELK has a 1000x COIN! – I LOVE THE SUPER BONUS!! (Bonus Buys)

This NEW PIROTS slot from ELK has a 1000x COIN! - I LOVE THE SUPER BONUS!! (Bonus Buys)

In this video, I head over to Gamdom to check out a slot from a provider I don’t normally play. I decided to play Pirots from Elk …
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    I love elk slots


    Quase peguei 1000 X hj

  3. Xiopi

    Жаль папичу не везёт тут

  4. milk tea

    ทุน200แตก3500มี%ให้ด้วย @𝓡𝓨𝓒88

  5. GrilledMeat

    this slot is shit for me

  6. Chris C

    This slot is so entertaining.. when it pays..

  7. lumo

    Good concept but a complete ripoff of a game!! Elk sucks

  8. Synthh

    Pirots (pronounced the same as pirates) actually has a Max Win coin :p

  9. Stefan Sundqvist

    Fake cash

  10. Zsolt Madacs

    “ yo elk pay a little bit “
    *elk – collect $4 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Andresi

    This game is just filled with a loooot of dead spins, 40 bucks without anything going on lol.

  12. Lisa Burgess

    🎉Good luck 🎉 better luck next time

  13. hi_ddeulgi

    Fun games, but it's pissed me off 😂 like the bonus itself kinda stressed me out lol

  14. Nick Sparkes

    Theres also a max win coin too and the x coins are multiplied by your bet size

  15. 권재홍

    Hate ELK always jebait

  16. Jonah Bowers

    You can actually drop a coin that says "max win"

  17. Paulyhaze

    They even have a max win coin

  18. Crisopras Kainama

    straight up scam 😂

  19. KimDahl77

    I saw a max win coin in the base game.

  20. Funny Crypto Boy NP


  21. Stuart Worgan

    Let's go

  22. andrew stringfield

    This came definitely grabbed my attention 😅. Flipped over 6 1000x coins collected 👁️👄👁️

  23. Joe R

    Elk are the the biggest scam artists in the slot community, the outcomes are so fixed it's beyond a joke.

  24. A Dijkstra

    Should kinda go for the 3th option xiters to get a chance on a super. Hit one today and basically got a 1500x on 0,20 cents

  25. Coach Andreas

    Hi, we are Elk. Let us introduce you to some new features that look cool, but very likely you will never get. We have a long tradition of teasing players to death. Every now and then we toss in a 30-40x, a bonus that almost hardly paid, was close.
    We want you to sit back, enjoy and forget about the balance for a minute, or a lifetime while deadspins of nothing rolls on. Just focus on the cool features!
    We always keep a representative in streamers chats, so u can always lurk around there. We make childish slots emphasizing on every single penny, so we reach out to as many wallets as we can! Needless to say, we work with entertainment on a very dissapointing level….

  26. Mitchell Nelissen

    It also has a max win coin but never hits 😅

  27. PJ

    It also has max win coin:)

  28. Minatankar

    Big pot

  29. John jicha

    This game actually has a max win coin as well, I’ve seen in twice but never hit it. Just says “max win”

  30. Mico Laurila

    had a terrible experience with this game. got my paycheck of the month, +500 spins with no bonus depo after depo and 1 month of work gone in 2 hours

  31. Enter

    Good Luck <3

  32. Đejnez

    Awful game

  33. Matthew Topping

    The game is nice, but god damn does Elk know how to program their slots to tease the living hell out of you lol

  34. Johnny T

    There is a max win coin on this one😁

  35. King

    Please stop breaking the game. =3

  36. Nick Devine

    Love your videos, watch them everyday. This is definitely one of the more fun slots to watch, can’t wait to see more of it

  37. Sangrohi

    please help me i have lose all my family is in trouble we are near to die please help me brother i will never play this casino any bet in my life please save my life

  38. April Joyce Ilagan Layug

    Can i join your discord? I really enjoy watching you like foss. I want to watch you live

  39. LanovaPlays

    Got baited on the 500 coin 1000 coin and the fkn Max win coin too. Love to hate the game 😅

  40. MrModifyHD

    Afternoon watch from the UK , I played GIGA jar about 20 mins ago and pulled £410 from 0.50p spins game is juiced ps love the vids been watching from day 1 and amazing to see how far you came, keep it up bro

  41. Achillies 07


  42. Griya Ayu Canting Kuning

    Idk why but on ths video is so funny dude xD

  43. DJ_LNL

    Bro Ibby, thank you for the contents bro ❤

  44. Dual Burritos

    It Even has a maxwin coin

  45. HamudiHanma47

    try out new big bass slot

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