The City of Flowing Light | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 42

The City of Flowing Light | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 42

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Bells Hells depart from their new allies and head to Yios, where they are quickly dazzled by the lake-top metropolis’ glamor and gambling…

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“It’s Thursday Night (Critical Role Theme Song)” by Peter Habib and Sam Riegel
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“Welcome to Marquet” Art Theme by Colm McGuinness
Additional Music by Universal Production Music, Epidemic Sounds, and 5 Alarm
Character Art by Hannah Friederichs

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Comments: 39
  1. Flando Maltrizian

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing

    0:15 Contractors unionize against Sam
    3:40 Intro cinematic
    8:55 Recap Ends (Matt doesn’t describe the flesh)
    10:15 Rainforest café (Laudna roasts Chetney)
    11:25 Chetney has curly toes
    13:35 Throwing a dead rabbit at Laudna
    15:35 Discussing the theater
    20:25 An official contract
    22:05 Giving Pate a heart
    23:20 FCG gets an extra tongue (Orym shows off his sword)
    24:55 Laudna and Fearne
    30:00 Uther and Orym
    33:25 Fearne trains Laudna
    39:40 Fearne’s hair is not gone
    41:10 Ashton and Annaline
    44:40 FCG’s rabbit
    45:25 Annaline and Pockopea
    49:40 Manad and Fearne
    51:15 Fearne is still hot
    53:30 Travel Day 10 (Reshipes)
    55:05 Denalia is great
    57:05 Sam’s wishlist
    58:10 Qoreo (and Yos)
    1:01:20 Orym and Chetney
    1:03:10 The wolf is so bad
    1:06:15 Orym slid it in
    1:07:20 Seedling, the Wayward Pilgrim
    1:08:20 Golden Gods
    1:09:15 Travel Day 11 (stupid easy day)
    1:12:15 Guessing Matt’s spelling
    1:14:35 Yios
    1:19:15 Lakecap Skyport and Lounge
    1:26:10 BREAK STARTS
    1:35:10 A Holiday Subscription for Love
    1:37:50 Art Montage
    1:39:50 BREAK ENDS
    1:41:10 Captain Lyrios accent
    1:49:05 Corpse Reviver
    1:50:30 WOOOOOOOOO
    1:51:30 Smelling cards
    1:55:25 Calamari
    1:57:20 Fearne has to poop
    1:59:55 Detected thoughts (double decker)
    2:03:55 Fearne the professor
    2:05:45 The sentry’s hat
    2:06:55 Asking cops where to do fun stuff
    2:08:40 Cheating at games
    2:13:10 The games
    2:14:05 The slots
    2:16:15 Fork of the Storm Game 1
    2:16:45 Divination
    2:19:55 Sexual tension
    2:27:15 The worst joke in CR history
    2:28:05 Griffin’s wall
    2:31:05 Wow, gambling is great!
    2:33:40 Chetney is swinging (fishing for a comp)
    2:36:45 Fearne is mean to staff
    2:38:40 Fearne is cancelled
    2:39:35 Fork of the Storm Game 2
    2:41:50 Imogen’s reroll
    2:42:50 Dealer’s thoughts
    2:47:05 Sam loves his friends (Travis is a cooler)
    2:49:15 Table’s hot (impromptu performance)
    2:51:20 Gotta come clean y’all… I’m actually Criss Angel, that’s how I post these so fast
    2:53:45 Chetney likes the carpenter
    2:57:10 Chetney’s test (more bad Vegas experiences)
    3:00:45 Ashton diarrhea (they’re still in the airport)
    3:03:35 Gas leak episode (please send shrimp)
    3:05:25 10 gold tippers
    3:08:10 Ashton and Pate (did Ashton… take something?)
    3:11:35 Offering Imogen a bath (an escape)
    3:15:25 Imogen and her mother
    3:22:55 Orym cleans house
    3:23:45 Landon gives belated advice
    3:25:50 Tour of Yios
    3:46:45 How many Mercers of hair?
    3:48:00 The college office
    3:49:40 Is Landon a secret dragon?
    3:50:35 Birds attack
    3:53:15 Episode Ends

    The in-game start date for the episode was the 5th of Fessuran in the year 843. Sam’s gas can is a wishlist. On it are “Mirror (that only reflects me), Personal Sommelier, New fake Sam (less sexy), Teeth enlargers, New friend (less famous than me), Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1988, Duet w/ Dolly Parton, World Peace”

    Well, I finally pulled the plug and deleted Twitter, not that I used it to post much. In the New Year, I’d like to use maybe Tumblr or Instagram or something to keep trying to promote cool DnD/TTRPG things to people. I appreciate all of the people who have followed me over the years to show support, hopefully one day I’ll actually be modestly interesting on other platforms, not just here.

    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. BATMA17



    I love references to past campaigns.


  3. Greg M

    Yios reminds me of Water 7 from One Piece

  4. zoinomiko

    I love this role-playing the level up <3

  5. richard c

    RTA Respect the Actor :)

  6. Night Sky

    I love that Matt has to authorize the cheating 🤣

  7. PsychoLeeland

    I love Pate so much 😂

  8. Kyle Atkinson

    Ashton to Pate: "I'm gonna make you a fancy hat."
    Pate: "Apology accepted!"

    Me: "Wait, was that 'I will make a hat for you', or 'I will make a hat from you'?"

  9. WhatIsThisPhuckery

    8 months behind.

    I'm so close…

  10. Dean Creighton

    Este é o tipo de informação que eu procurava.

  11. Jason Lofton

    OK so I'm late to the 3rd campaign, still trying to catch up. I love that this episode is so chill. I was cracking up while they gambled. Reminds me of 1st campaign.

  12. Old Timey Prospector

    Stop drinking the coffee.

  13. Darya Yankovsky-Khankovsky

    Ashton at 2:12:37: A.G.A.D. 1312 lol

  14. Jolly G. Giant

    Is there an ASMR compilation of Matt Mercer calmly describing cities and landscapes?

  15. udop2

    I decided to play along with fork of the storm, and I rolled max along with chetney in the first round 😳

  16. Sessenkcis

    Did anyone else catch that Ashley fully fudged the roll when Fearne was fudging the roll?

  17. Abbz Loves


  18. Tophat Topper

    nat 1 "you have never been more sure that no one can see you" *proceeds to metagame the nat 1 rather than the roleplay of not being seen*… fukkin A. unpopular opinion here but thats some of the stuff they got pissy at sam about in Campaign 1.

  19. Logan Witt

    Since recently making it to this episode, this has been the one I've pointed people to who've asked me anything in the vein of "what's D&D like?" Yes there's combat and drama and what have you. But the unbridled fun here is so much easier for people to relate to right off the bat than something drama- or lore-heavy. I love the whole back half of this episode.

  20. crazyfnjoey

    marathoning critical role until BG3 comes out, two more days…

  21. Goatelope

    Forever 21

  22. Goatelope

    I wish they would talk About what they choose at new levels, feats etc. Unless there's story reason to not disclose what class they leveled, it would be cool to hear their thought processes

  23. Goatelope

    I wish they would talk About what they choose at new levels, feats etc. Unless there's story reason to not disclose what class they leveled, it would be cool to hear their thought processes

  24. Rodz

    The Qoreo-Yios bit has to be one of my favorite out-of-game moments in this table. Hope someone already clipped that.

  25. Ursula Orrantia

    Just like looking Texas Hold’them from Las Vegas, I love it, I was Laughing so hard.

  26. yake222

    this is the second DnD campaign I've seen that had a shrimp party

  27. portakal.ordakal

    I need more Ashton in this series. I feel like he is left out a little bit… :(

  28. itsnotcyanide

    Still waiting on the release of A Holiday Subscription for 2. Get your 💩 together, guys!

  29. WolfenSteve

    Honestly, when Liam was describing what the sword meant before revealing the name. My brain immediately thought he might of named it Wilhelm. It makes enemies scream.

  30. ThatGuyFuryan

    Another good episode. Travis rocks so hard, he boulders.

    Really wish the parents of the characters weren't so … timid all the time, if that makes sense; especially Imogen's mum. 'Stay away', "No, I'm here", 'well, ok…' just … hmmm

  31. Maddog Minecrafter

    slowly catching up over the last few months,watched campaign 1 2 and 3 up to this point and have to say,this is probably the best episode so far

  32. Peter McLaney

    this is their beach episode and i cannot get enough of it

  33. Peter McLaney

    1:12:30 all bets off on matt's spelling "needs more apostrophies!"

  34. user

    John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    Because God sent his Son into the world,❤

  35. Martian

    A pre-shit workout in the morning is insane lol

  36. Knitwit

    Chetney and Orym interacting makes me want to wrap them both up and keep these sentimental dorks safe. Theyre so damn sweet and you can tell chetney loves the wolf orym carved for him.

  37. Jon

    You're friend dies and leaves you his car,to celebrate you drive it to Vegas and party 😅😅😅😅😅

  38. Khajiitten

    What happens in Yios, stays in Yios.

  39. purplepairy

    Gosh this is such a fun episode. I miss these kind of episodes ❤❤❤

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