The Betting Strategy That Got Me BANNED For Winning Too Much

The Betting Strategy That Got Me BANNED For Winning Too Much

This Bet365 Betting Strategy is so good I got banned for winning. See how it works and my historical results in this week’s upload.
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  1. Caan Berry Pro Trader

    This football betting strategy works too, see it next! ->

  2. Experience Records 256

    Useless Video

  3. Sakib gaming M Boss

    You are right❤❤

  4. ChampionOfGames

    I see alot more losses

  5. ADOBE

    Caan, do you still use this strategy today?

  6. Mohammed Gazali

    I don't know proper english, please let me explain this strategy in short way🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Ayeeda Dexsport

    I have watched your post and loved your deep dive into the industry ,and it was very impressive. I am a partnership manger from a online game, May I have a chance to contact you privately?

  8. Eric Pollard

    Why is it always bet365?? F those jooz. Don’t any other bookies do greyhounds? I’m gonna try this on my new William Hills account for da lolz. I only opened it to get 40s on Deauville Legend in the King George so don’t care if it gets banned

  9. Karim Sesay

    Let's consider a scenario where Newport is playing against Cambridge Utd. The true odds for Newport to win the match are 2.20. However, the bookies are currently offering odds of 1.90, which indicates that there is no value in betting on Newport to win at this moment.

    An alternative strategy could be to wait until the game is live and observe how it unfolds. If Newport has not scored within the first 30 minutes of the match, the odds for them winning would likely increase closer to the true odds of 2.20. By doing so, one might find better value for betting on Newport's victory from the perspective of in-play betting

  10. Mark Chapman

    I agree, value is everything. However, the example shown is imo a poor one. The 4:00 (3/1) on betfair you say is "25%" isn't, because it's not a 100% book, the screen says 104.8%. Then there's Betfair's up to 5% commission. Both of which bring the actual percentage difference closer to the 4/1 (20%) of Bet365's odds. Then there is whether the market is a true enough reflection of chances. Yes, I agree befair's odds just before off time are often the closest a market gets to the true chances, but it is not the true chance… And although yes, betfair do have "large market"s, a morning greyhound race at Hounslow is definitely not a "large market", The amount of money staked on the race and number of bettors is very small…Which is also the very reason why "prices move fast on the greyhound markets". Far from the "ideal" you say it is,:because the likelihood of a few large bets skewing that market (from a true one) is far, far greater than it would be if we were talking about horse racing or premier league football. Also, by backing selections whose price is bigger with a bookmaker than exchange you're backing mostly selections who've shortened (even with the bookmaker). In my experience selections who have already shortened are less likely to be true value near to off time. Therefore with the four together, a 104.8% book, up to 5% commission, the betfair market's margin for error; and already a shortener… My conclusion is this example is not what you claim, "a mathematical situation where the price of something happening is larger than its true probability".

  11. scotfree21

    365 we’re offering me all kinds of free bets & bonuses for being such a great customer then with in a week my account was closed .😄

  12. Benjamin Huber

    Michael is the best trading teacher on youtube

  13. Issaka Iddrisu

    Good evening master. Can you help me with my sport Bet place

  14. ManiaMuse

    Just be glad they actually let you bet in the first place. They didn't even let me open an account! And it was only like the 4th bookmaker that I tried to do a sign up offer with as a complete newbie to matched betting!

  15. Felleni Kamputa

    Share me ur what's app number pls

  16. Felleni Kamputa

    I came from malawi

  17. Felleni Kamputa

    You so blessed serious can't wait to see my self wining. Can you help me how I can win .thank you for ur knowledge

  18. Hedvig Zaituna

    Ну это легкая прогулочка для тебя))) чисто казик расмял)

  19. Glyn Lewis

    Excellent content thanks. So if the work around is multiple accounts, presumably that relies on each friendly account holder being happy to submit proofs and all KYC info? Is there any issues with IP recognition if you're accessing accounts from the same PC and would they pick up that the same source of funds and flag that? Assume you have achieved a work around as you're still an active player

  20. MichalaBakes

    New to horse racing, no idea, thought I'd have ago and maybe a bit lucky…….nope I am NOT lucky, £10 lost so not doing it anymore 😢

  21. violentbarbieTV

    The irony is that Bet 365 is the main ad playing on your video lmao

  22. foodies extreme

    Your accent 😢 i can't understand man

  23. Magnum

    Points bet AUSTRALIA are bad they ban you if you win too many times .

  24. david bales

    I was limited on bet365 after netting $1,064 .. received an ominous email.. it's the 4th or 5th book at this point.

  25. Luke

    Full of shit. If he won that much money he wouldnt be making youtube videos

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