Sunday slots & Relax Session! Opening Bonuses, and the Wheel is back!

Sunday slots & Relax Session! Opening Bonuses, and the Wheel is back!

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✅No links in stream or in connection to my channel are transaction links. All CASINOS I play at whilst residing in the UK, are licensed operators in the UK and require players to first sign up and be 18+ (or applicable for relevant jurisdictions).
Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. If you have a gambling addiction to the point where it’s affecting your personal life then please check out the Gambleaware website for help and support.
This video/stream is an Example of how the slots can play & to be considered educational for the viewers.

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Comments: 39
  1. antoni lewandowski

    How 2Do Ur Dosh Simples JimBoy😉Toni

  2. Justin Manser

    Gargatune is a band dedicated to the online slots community. We have a wide variety of insults directed at the UK Gaming Commission, including a series of observations on the corruption therein. We are the ones that know that ones means more than one. Gargatune….coming soon.

  3. Mr Ronald

    Can you recommend a good vpn James ? The one use still says games are restricted? Am I able to do bonus buys if I’m playing from the uk ? Cheers mate

  4. Adsy P

    350 hopefully more

  5. Paul Doyle

    1350 return

  6. Lozza💛

    580 back i think good luck 😊

  7. Samantha

    I think you'll get about 640 fingers crossed 🤞 it's alot more

  8. Heather McLaren

    Loving these videos ❤

  9. Mark Farrar

    Loving the regular content

  10. slots daft

    Keep up the good work more bonus buys please

  11. Damian Corr

    When is the next round of golf jimbo

  12. ijonesy77


  13. taxi driver

    £600 best of luck loving the videos

  14. Apollo mission

    Love and hate roulette 😂 love watching hate playing.

  15. anth calvert

    I reacon 735 good luck

  16. Carl

    great video daddy

  17. Steve Bristol

    I bloomin adore you Jimbo.
    Mega hearts 💕

  18. Mclovin

    So Craig just quit? Lol

  19. T J

    Why do you have a tab on your site for gamcare and a topic on your forum dedicated to gamstop when you're pushing these unlicensed crypto casinos where players are afforded no protection?

  20. AR


  21. Shaun Edley

    You r so full of shit …can’t even get a uk casino account ya can use ….using crypto sites …gambling wrecks lives you know that Jimbo …so much for the influence you have with betting sites you try to make out any issues you can help 😂 good to see the downfall of all you affiliates …. Slots have been nerfed so don’t pay any more just like bookies in 2018.. shows how you have no conscience none of you streamers …must have ruined many lives with ya links and hopium videos …sad sad Jimbo

  22. Clayton James


  23. smp3161

    Do a bunch of extra chilli buys next video

  24. Ellis James

    Roulette is brutal

  25. Thomas Millar

    £1234 return, good luck jimbo

  26. Wayne s

    625 return me thinks power off positive

  27. James P

    Good stuff 🎉

  28. MrRyan20102010


  29. Rob Smith

    620! gl lad

  30. Richard Griffiths

    Painfully unlucky on the roulette

  31. Darren Smyth

    You're not too bad 😂

  32. bishbashbosh

    Wow slots are dire lately 😮

  33. Mark Williams

    £450 and your great Jimbo 😂

  34. Jim999 Jim999

    Great video Jimbo. Painful finish ☹

  35. adam cole

    Slots these days are playing so bad for everyone hope you have a big win soon 😊

  36. Ryan Chadwick

    Can I just ask, if I signed up and deposited £500 for example will it be £500 on BC? Because you say you deposited in LC does it just mean the 500 translates to LC? Cheers great vids live watching!

  37. wumbleplay

    Better luck next time

  38. Ross Macdonald


  39. shaWn Cross

    £728 return ?

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