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  1. David Kaminsky

    The risk free bets only give winnings not the initial bet you put in which significantly dents your EV. With no vig the EV is 1/4th of the risk free bet size, but with vig and then if you want to hedge it to guarantee a return you get like 1/5th EV, not super valuable but still free money

  2. David Vergot

    If you lose your first bet but win your free bet you don't get that initial $1,000 back you only get the winnings. So in that scenario of betting -110 both times, losing the first bet but winning the 2nd the 2nd bet yields $910, so a net loss of $90 overall so I fail to see $910 profit for only winning the free bet. Am I missing something?

  3. Oscar Jones

    on the part of the graphic that shows up at t=2:23, i.e. the 25% outcome that the graphic says represents a "$910 profit"… this may be true for fanduel, but the way the fanduel promo is structured is not representative of the vast majority of these types of RF promos. In the vast majority of the RF promos offered, this would not be a $910 profit, it would be a $90 loss. irresponsible not to clarify. this changes the EV from $432.50 to $182.50, and the median PNL drops $500, from +$910 to +$410, whereas the chance of total loss of investment remains fixed at 25% chance. For many people, these differences are significant and represent an unacceptable level of risk.

  4. Oscar Jones

    @t=2:01.. 9% edge?! no.

  5. Thomas J Strausser

    FANTASTIC video! More like this please Oddsjam

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