Spin It Grand Slot Machine! So Many Free Spins BONUSES!

Spin It Grand Slot Machine! So Many Free Spins BONUSES!

Lots of bonuses on Spin it Grand at El Cortez casino Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!


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Comments: 30
  1. Chris Lazarcyk

    I like that you show it how it is not all winning videos

  2. Chad Rancour

    Great video Sara!! Had fun watching. Thanks. :)

  3. Lo Ricks

    Enjoyed watching better luck next time

  4. Ray Blue

    That machine never pays. Still like watching it though. Goodluck next time! ☘️ 👍🏼

  5. Wyngz

    Hope you have better luck next time around Sarah. Even if you dont win its still enjoyable to watch. :)

  6. Treasure Turd

    Spin It Grand was more like Spin It and Groan this time. Totally sour! At 11:40-ish, it sounds like something is dying in agony behind you. Apparently whatever it was also witnessed the sour and just couldn’t handle it. May the whatever it was rest in peace, along with your bankroll for this game. 😔

    Here’s hoping your next Spin It Grand session is far more grand!! 🎰♥️

  7. GrottoRabbit

    Well, at least you increased the bonuses for the next player 🤔🤨🙄😒😯😨😱😢🤬😤 Another cool video Sarah!

  8. Thomas Reese

    Or a Batman slot thanks 😁

  9. Thomas Reese

    Slot Request.. can u play Ted or A Michael Jackson slot.. p.s my sister grandma and Aunt are name Sarah,Sara

  10. Edward Mowton

    So while I love watching you win more than anything in the world.. Watching you get screwed on Free Games and bonuses like I do, makes me feel like it's not just me with the horrid luck. lol Good luck!

  11. Tom Stylos

    Very enjoyable,thank you 👍

  12. Slot Statz

    One of my favorite machines to play!

  13. Maria Perez

    I know that feeling. Thank You for your video and Spin it Grand wasn't Grand at All 🌝😞🍋🌹😎

  14. Charles Cope

    I hit all the dollar symbols for 12 grand last year

  15. NEPatriot

    That machine was tighter than a pair of Jordache Jeans!

  16. Harold 1


  17. K O

    Since you began gambling , would you say you’re up or down in the money department ?

  18. Joseph Gutierrez

    I always enjoy your videos sweetheart ❤️ thank you !!

  19. chris horn

    Hi, your smile absolutely melts my heart. I can actually feel it skip a beat. A bit cheesy but I’m serious. Best of luck

  20. daver8521

    Sour bonuses!

  21. Lisa Marie




  23. Vegas Pete

    Hey Sarah Great Video That Machine Was Kinda Mean To You.Loved Your Black Jack Live Stream You Had Some Great Wins..VP

  24. Евгений Искаков

    Малышка ♥️🤩🍷👍

  25. John A

    You deserved better Sarah….thanks for sharing. Spin it Grand is my favorite slot. I hit a $13,000 jackpot last October on a cruise ship. 25 cent denom…. $12.50/spin…..very exciting. Looking forward to your next livestream

  26. Alfredo Sanchez

    Hi how are you l like this game …. good luck

  27. halfwaymo

    Good luck slotlady….hope it's a good machine…. Missouri 💚

  28. Jeff Ng

    Hi Sarah, now that sure was a crappy run on Spin it Grand, all those free spins, and nothing to show for it real sour. Well better luck next time. Keep on smiling, and have yourself a G'day Sarah.

  29. Rayan Rayan

    Hard luck ..wishing you the best next time

  30. Andrew Casiquito

    Good morning.

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