This Piggy Bankin’ Game Is Ready To POP! Lady Luck HQ is at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in FL. Today we are playing on Piggy Bankin’ High Limit Slot Machine. We land so many bonus games!

More about us…. We like to play slot machines at the casino. We love Vegas but also play at local casinos. We play all games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n’ Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel games, Lock it Link, Top Dollar and many many more. We play High Limit games so you can always find me in the high limit room aka high roller room at the casino. All videos are recorded live then posted to the channel… Live slot play of sorts 😉 This video is recorded VLOG style so you feel like you are actually playing the games with me. You know we love our Vegas Vlogs so make sure to follow us on social media for exciting casino adventures. Trying to plan your next Vegas Vacation check out this casino.

Lovie Dovie has his own channel @DudeLuck23 Give him a follow =)

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Don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly. This is an entertainment channel. Remember that these are games & you don’t always win.

© All uploads are the intellectual property of Lady Luck HQ. You do not have permission to re-use or publish any part of them without my written consent.

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  1. Dean Harvey

    On my work break still watching lady luck ..maybe it's time for therapy

  2. Kuzon #34

    In 1200 out 1500 profits 300

  3. LuckyLogan

    HAHAHA 😂 "CARD" 😂😂😂

  4. John McAfee

    What is the nicest "high roller room" you have ever been in?

  5. Trav D

    Can you please explain the reset you guys mentioned towards the end of the video, trying figure that out as well. Do the bank of machines reset after a minor hit?

  6. Robert Frye

    I had a laugh and a cheeky thought when he thought you said Are you hard? You were looking for a boner, er bonus. LOL

  7. Matt Coyle

    That was a fun session guys with plenty of laughs along the way…I misheard you also Francine i thought you asked Miran did you fart…lmao…happy Thursday guys xx

  8. Cumar Cabdi Haashi

    Put if you winning don t forgot please

  9. Cumar Cabdi Haashi

    Congratulations to you my friend #lady Lucky I hope you this week your winer the biggest jackpot YouTuber Winer

  10. GrottoRabbit

    Make sure you always use your player's hard!

  11. Sam Suter

    This is one of my favorites. 😂🙌🏼😂

  12. Kelsey Hazelton

    Omg from 💩 in a chair to are you hard?😂😂😂I'm dying over here laughing. Great video you two

  13. Jodi Stoddard

    Have you ever been to Indiana if you have would you ever choose to come back?

  14. Vicki Gonzales

    Enjoyed this play, thanks for sharing.

  15. Jodi Stoddard

    You guys are so funny I love watching your videos 😂

  16. Stephen Helton

    Hubby feeling spicy. Lol
    So glad you guys stop to talk and we hear some of it and you fill us in. Just a really nice feeling.

  17. Suzie Hart

    Lol 😁 omg 😲 u two are hilarious

  18. Suzie Hart

    ❤😂u guys are awesome 👌 couple

  19. Tom Dyer

    That's awesome. I am from St. Augustine too. Oldest city in the US!!

  20. Ahmet A.

    Let‘s Hit a Jackpot with 20$ Bet. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You Are so ridicilous.

  21. Greg Willert

    What was really funny is when you said "Someone pooped in this chair" A$$ came up on the screen!!!😂

  22. jay snow

    Just warning you now, if i ever encounter and recognize you two, i will sit next to you(right next to you) light up a cigarette, HIT the bet button, and then slap the screen while yelling BIG MONEY.
    Then just walk away.

  23. David Martineau

    It was jack and he thought it was his chance for a jackpot I know dumb! But I tried.

  24. Bobby Devine

    I thought she said Hard too LOL

  25. Lucky 7

    Yay another piggy session this is definitely your lucky slot. Good luck lucky couple ❤❤❤😂🎉

  26. Lovel John

    That was nice enjoyed that game😄🥃

  27. The Shadow

    Nice big pig farm LL 😇



  29. Melony Worley

    Another awesome video of wins! Congratulations!

  30. Ravee Ravi

    Good luck and god bless friends❤

  31. Redds Shaker

    Seem like all of my favorite YouTube slots channels are featuring Huff n Puff, and Piggy Bankin’ or Rakin’ Bacon lately. Coincidence?? 🤔

  32. Kim Westbrook

    Lol, I can not unsee A$$ every time I play this game now!

  33. Christopher Hart

    What?!!! Hard?! Something tells me DL23 was not, after experiencing the smelly seat!! You guys are too much!! Love the session. Lots of action.

  34. bpthe greatt

    Is Lady Luck Arminian?

  35. tjb913

    Hard. So freakin funny

  36. duane howard

    At 1:56 it spelled (ASS) !! So fresh. LoL

  37. Sumariyono Aja

    ❤❤❤your id member, very lucky pro in Piggy slot❤❤❤
    Good luck

  38. A Million Restaurant Tip’s

    I really like the little piggies 🐷 but I’ve heard that it’s a very hard one to win.
    Thank you and God Bless,
    Carlos ✝️🙏❤️😊❗️

  39. 242 MATH

    always enjoy watching you win, this was awesome

  40. Ibleejtxivzoo785

    Which casino was this

  41. John Graver

    Fun couple things you say guys keep it real 💯 bravo kept it coming enjoy your night 🌙 Amen 🙏



  43. SV

    Lady luck, do you prefer the hard rock tampa or the Hollywood? I been wanting to take a trip there but I can't decide which one. Thank you

  44. Y Stewart


  45. Georgette Likens


  46. David Rixon

    Watching from australia. I get really excited when the piggies turn up.keep it up.

  47. Karen McKersie

    Haha such a fun session!! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  48. tom mcdonald

    i did broke your slot machine… LOL just kidding

  49. The Big Jackpot

    Now I see why that machine showed me no love. Congrats on taking all the piggies!

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