SO MANY BONUSES!! Nice Win on Emerald Princess Slot Machine!!

SO MANY BONUSES!! Nice Win on Emerald Princess Slot Machine!!

The Bonuses just kept on hitting at Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas! Enjoy!!! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on …
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  1. Andrea Putney

    This is one of my favorite games😃

  2. zambot264

    Oh I love this game

  3. GrottoRabbit

    Dragged the game to a nice little win! All the wiz-bang bonuses are great! Another great video Sarah!

  4. lan lau

    PRETTY WOMEN👍👍👍👍👍👍💕

  5. Treasure Turd

    In watching your videos, I have learned that perhaps the reason I don’t do all that well on slots is because my capacity for taking risks is quite low. This unwillingness to take risks is most likely due to the fact that I measure my profits in terms of how many lattes I can get from Starbucks with said profits. For example, not including the extra $0.60 for almond milk, a profit of $15 would get me three lattes, and I would be like, “Hot damn! Cinnamon dolce heaven here I come!” and then I would cash out, never knowing what the next $100 would have yielded. Thank you for taking risks while I sit idly and sip coffee and marvel at your bonus wins.

  6. Taylor Roche

    I love how the jackpot bonus also gives free spins.
    Looks like a fun game!

  7. Jerry Mann

    Right on Slotlady, I'm glad to see you win, it is a nice feeling, keep smiling!

  8. Mike Robinson

    Sweet pretty 👸 Sarah. GL

  9. Paul Chandler

    Love ur videos Sarah!!! Thank u! 😁

  10. john s

    Its not a mega bucks jackpot but its one step closer :)

  11. Jack Pirate

    I love u sarah

  12. El Tazz 760

    Hey it's nice to see you win! Hugs & Kisses From San Diego California

  13. El Tazz 760

    Hey it's nice to see you win! Hugs & Kisses From San Diego California

  14. Scott McCarthy

    Thats a cool slot machine Sarah. Profit of $200 was ok. Could be alot better. Maybe a handpay is coming eh?? lol :P Think positive. Keep your winning attitude. Go Sarah! You rockkkkkkk!!

  15. Playboy Ding Dong

    Hallo 👍…

  16. meunier rudy

    bonne chance a se jeux sarah

  17. Ian Flannery

    Super singing to the win tunes again

  18. Shadoe Davis


  19. James Oneavatar

    Awesome bonus! That game has a lot of potential

  20. Miss Eye Spy

    Love watched u play thanks , Keep winning!

  21. Rodney Kantorski

    I see your mailing address is in Toronto. You live in Toronto & go to Vegas all the time? Big commute.

  22. I Know You!


  23. Junior Andrade

    Do you ever get mad at the machines?? Like f*** this sh*t??

  24. Edward Young

    If you had $1000 to play with, which $10 bet game would you play?

  25. Chan

    Mega win!!!! Nice job roughing this one out!

  26. R. H

    Good Win👍… I've Never seen this Emerald Princess slot machine before, but it sure looks Fun…

  27. Richard Ghormley

    Good job again.

  28. daver8521

    Been with you through thick and thin. Happy thick is finally coming around again

  29. derek7521

    Killer final bonus there SL !!! 👍👍👍
    You reduced Emerald Princess to a cheap bling handmaiden 😲
    Love your winning videos 😏

  30. Denise Soonias

    Yessss. More games like this, Konami too.

  31. Stephen

    Amazong run !! What a fabulous bonus at the end. And throughout !! Good one !

  32. Marie Jackson

    Good luck Sarah ❤

  33. Wayne Robillard

    Nice win Sarah. Congratulations.

  34. MindsetMastery


  35. Jeff Ng

    Hi Sarah, nice 200$ win on Emerald Princess there. Great work on getting those bonuses as well. Until next time be well, and have fun.

  36. Cassie Twitchell

    Giiiiirlllll get them bonuses! 💎💎💎

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