Slot Collaboration with On a Bucket: Wild Outlaw, Pots of Gold & More!!

Slot Collaboration with On a Bucket: Wild Outlaw, Pots of Gold & More!!

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18+. Gamble Responsibly. T&C’s apply. If gambling has become an issue, please visit GAMSTOP
A slot collaboration with @oabgamblingchannel
Check out his channel for more £100 and £500 jackpot slots.

These videos are my own gambling experiences on the £500 jackpot arcade slots, bingo hall £500 jackpot slots, online casinos, mostly on £2 stake, and bookies fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) on £2 stake, £500 jackpot slot machines. Although I have runs of winning and losing, in the end you will always lose at gambling, so make sure you treat it as entertainment.
My online casino slots are played at various online locations.
My arcade slots are played at various locations (FOBT and AGC), across various betting terminals by different providers, including Light & Wonder and Inspired Gaming.
If you have a problem with gambling, or would just like to know the options for self-exclusion, take a look at this site for arcade, bookies, bingo and land-based casino self-exclusion:
To self-exclude from regulated online casinos, visit
Many banks will also allow you to block gambling transactions. You’ll need to speak to a member of staff at your bank, or search through your banking app for the options and instructions.
Comments: 24
  1. Veng

    What’s going on with your camera

  2. Andy Murrison

    Love to meet ya oab ")

  3. Nicola Buckley

    Filming wasn’t the best 😩but you are always entertaining 👍xx

  4. Sam Millward

    Do some more of these with him please Daz. Both good YouTubers to watch 👍🏻

  5. ThatRetroPerson

    It’s the behind the scenes version you never wanted to watch. 😂

  6. Cucumber Man

    Wow what a rollercoaster session shame you couldn’t of clawed another jackpot back😊

  7. Sean1982

    Any Visio is a good video!

  8. Ultimate bullz

    Always the same games and awful quality 😮

  9. Naked Neil

    Angle was all out. Very bad glare . Pie Gambles are all about the green bits. Overall was a bookies in the back of an arcade.

  10. Allybum90 Gaming

    Nice unexpected video

  11. Lewis Dowsett

    K9 slots video earlier was unreal…
    116 spins on spartacus £2 stake didnt even reach £300

  12. M

    People that do these sort of videos really need to get a lift and a grip 😂

  13. Steven Thomas

    I never notice the glare on the screen until you point it out. Then I can’t unsee it.

  14. Paul Hillier

    Really enjoyed the Video Collaboration Darren and OAB hopefully you will do more of these soon and hopefully will see you score a massive win together anyway all the best

  15. Michael Yule

    Love both your content but not being funny could you not split a sesssion between you ie one vid each that’s different instead of exact same vid genuinely a suggestion not a crit I love both your content

  16. sct ege

    Angle and lighting are awful, nice play but stick to in front of machine please not to side

  17. sharon mcgregor

    Well done Darren and Luke 😂😂

  18. Jamesy

    I’m surprised you got any footage. Oab runs about and records everyone else’s machines.

  19. John Williamson

    Camera angle is terrible

  20. Paul

    Serious money you’re losing, then you hit pot😊

  21. Steve Miles

    Houston we have a problem! Seen all these highlights on OAB video. Even though your videos have better quality, editing, and transparency….I have no desire to watch them twice. I don’t see how these collaborations work for you.

  22. LarryChangg

    Squeezed it in at the end nice one lads shame it was a loss

  23. Mister Positive

    Could have gotten a load of pressies with £1200

  24. Peteglobe23🎰

    That first left pie is terrible for losing,, I very rarely ever gamble the left pie,, you see it lose loads

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