Relaxing Saturday Slots Session with Jim, Online bonuses Galore!

Relaxing Saturday Slots Session with Jim, Online bonuses Galore!

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  1. Jimbo's Slots and Gambling Channel

    Leave me a cheeky comment for a gift card entry, here's last videos winner –

  2. tommo p

    Awesome comeback, in both senses

  3. Pax

    buy gold and silver!

  4. Rob Smith

    smashing again mate

  5. AJ 999

    Good luck Jimbo

  6. Jason Caddy

    Good luck

  7. bogdan i

    Good luck mate

  8. mr moo m

    nice hit of gates…brill

  9. mr moo m

    big bad bison ….is a shite low paying bonus ….even if you max the megaways…..loads have said it

  10. Chatterbox Aleman

    used yout get our jail free card lad.

  11. Craig Mckiernon

    Buffalo game needs to be on the banned list.

  12. Resident666evil666

    Good luck buddy 👍

  13. chris mulley

    Nice comeback

  14. jesuslovesuandme2

    Who would have thought rise of Olympus would be the one !

  15. Smig

    good luck mate

  16. Kamil Dluzewski

    some these buys are brutal- have a good weekend mate 👍

  17. Jonathan Lewis

    That buffalo game is shocking mate

  18. Ellis James

    Oh no giveaway jimbo 😂 nice win lad keep the content coming

  19. uTubeSlots


  20. Ritvars Vilks

    Nice comeback

  21. Mark Le Huquet

    Cheeky comment 😂

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