Some people seem to think that slot machine bonuses are just as random as a slot machine pull and here is some proof that the bonuses are predeterminded once you get that bonus!

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  1. Slot Machine Wins By CHICO


  2. PitchBright

    Is it predetermined before you get the bonus or as it hits

  3. Renard Foote

    There goes thinking your machine was hot/cold

  4. Freestyle Clips OP

    He’s learning!

  5. Lakx

    ya in the sense that they show you the bells and whistles before the final result, lets be honest we wouldn't love bonus rounds as much as we do without the circus around it.

    You must have played that slot a shitload to catch that symbol pattern during triggering lol

  6. Gabriel Kawa

    Indeed, almost all but a few are.

  7. Dub5084

    They’re predetermined from the moment you hit the spin button. It already knows it’s going to trigger a bonus and how much it’s going to pay.

  8. Adrian Hardwick

    There is not more aggravating than waiting all that time for a bonus just to hit and the bonus pays nothing. It's almost criminal in my opinion.

  9. AquaticOnion

    The denomination you choose changes the jackpots, the machines pay out when profit margin is meet

  10. G4RY

    Yet people like Lady Luck NEVER Lose, one day the gullible might just understand it's just clever marketing

  11. Poker Joker

    I never play those machines. It’s either Craps or Video Poker.

  12. Boothless 53

    Its more than likely youll get a mini over a higher jackpot

  13. Stephen Borgelt

    Nope nope nope, with every single press the machine does just over one million calculations even before the reals start spinning. A million calculations in under a half a second…. It ain't predetermined, with 16 years of experience in the business trust in thee! Haha

  14. James

    Or maybe just like, basic statistics?

  15. you know everything

    It's all predetermined

  16. ALL IN 2 Winn

  17. andres diaz

    You guys should see his video, where he predetermined he's gonna win the Grand!!.. and he did it .. twice!!

  18. selene uribe

    The more you play the more you lose.

  19. Conky calls The shots

    i mean anyone who's ever played dancing drums can tell ya that

  20. Joseph Magnuson

    Predetermined correct all slots are, though that version of buffalo is linked as one jackpot for all the machines. The minis are simply represented as a line hit on screen included in the predetermined circuit for that specific machine, watch your cent balance change to .8 .6 .4 .2 in order. Bet max with 1000 bets of your demon and your in the money. Payzone actually. Good luck

  21. Rick Aragon

    When the machine has reached its percentage allowed by gaming commission it will start its program to payout some jackpots, whatever happens in that cycle you may hit any of them or none..maybe just more payouts of money.😜👨🏻‍🦼🥸

  22. Wheely55

    So the fact that the other machine had 2cents in the bonus is not going to pay but the $21 does because of the 2 cents?

  23. glen randall

    Who would guess that a computer is pre determined 😂

  24. chico de oro

    Then don't play

  25. Josh Walker

    I'm new, what do I look for?

  26. MrSuperSlots

    Online slots waaaaay better never have this issue

  27. Man Vs. Slot

    Of course they are. Nothing about a slot machine is random… know that.

  28. Dave

    The Buffalo machines are such a huge ripoff, I don’t play them anymore. The bonus rounds suck 80% of the time and there are WAY TOO MANY dead spins and paltry payouts in the game.

  29. N Angel

    Doesn’t that just mean that someone just won the mini on the next machine and it started at $20 again? I don’t see the proof that it means it’s predetermined (although I agree with you that they are).

  30. c-maths

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  31. Logan Gunkel

    Predetermined by your post-edit voiceover

  32. Jason Ficcone

    All bonuses are determined at the time of the original bet. In milliseconds.

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