Online casino Bonuses are IMPOSSIBLE to rollover into the real balance!!! OR ARE THEY ? I know HOW !

Online casino Bonuses are IMPOSSIBLE to rollover into the real balance!!! OR ARE THEY ? I know HOW !

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Comments: 11
  1. Dave Verbeek

    Hi Tom i have a question for you. A new casino i play offers a welcome bonus of 100% of your deposit with a max of 711 euro. The problem is the 30x rollover. Normally i never take these kind of bonusses because on roulette it counts for 25% so that means i have to play 85K to get 711 euro so thats absolutely impossible to make a profit on this game. Slots count for 100% so do you think i can feed a slotmachine 21K without losing the 711 euro???? What is your opinion on this because i think this is impossible but if you think its possible i will try it.

  2. Mike Kaminski

    What about when they tell you you can only use your bonus for sports betting

  3. Dave Verbeek

    Thanks Tom. My online casino is new and started only 1.5 years ago and in the beginning they forgot to ban the high coverage bets on roulette. I have abused this very mutch and when there was a bonus with rollover i just played roulette and bet 500 red and 500 black in the same spin. This way i completed my rollovers in no time at all. Now we can't do this anymore because more than 67% wheel coverage wound count for rollover anymore. Now also roulette counts just 25% for rollover so now i use slots just like you.
    They made more dumb mistakes in the past, there was a deposit bonus 20% up to 1k but there was only 1 rule, you had to wager the bonusmoney just 1 time hahaha. This bonus doesn't exist anymore to and now you need to wager the deposit amount 3 times. (Roulette counts for only 25%) so still a good bonus but the first one was to easy. Second example every wednesday if i deposited 300 i got 60 euro freebet with no rules at all so after the deposit i can widrawl my deposit right away and on the 60 freebet needed to wager 1 time.
    now in the new year the bonusses are not so good anymore.

  4. Ramsey Shaqra

    I had a bonus before had to wager 35X won 2k after buying few features..and i cleared the 35X and could cash whatever is left.

  5. Yean Djong

    Why i never watching your videos of baccarat..

  6. Gordon Gekko

    To meet your rollover requirements Why don’t you just put $500 on black $500 on red and $28 on zero

  7. JoeKind1958

    A few times with different casinos I took advantage of their new customer sign up bonus. The best one was up to a $1,000.00 match with only a 1x play-through though that was only good on slot machine play. Many of these bonuses can not be used for playing roulette games. So I deposited $1,000.00 and got my $1,000.00 match. Now I had one thousand to spend on slot play. So I picked a game I once liked from years back when I played slots. I bet the maximum amount on each spin and that was $20. So I had 50 spins basically for free to try. One spin about 1/2 way through I hit for $1,000.00 because my bet amount was so high. I went on to win another $200 or so. With a 1x play-through, after around 15 days according to the casinos rules that money was mine to play roulette with or withdrawal. Not bad 😁

  8. Larry Falco

    Can't be bothered with the rollover, to many hoops to jump thru.

  9. ruz usefi

    Hi, thank you for recommendations. As far as I read trough rollover bonuses. It mentions buy in bonuses doesn’t included if its more than 100$ features

  10. Franklin Marchant

    Really appreciate this video 100%

  11. filosou

    Hello, good luck to all the players, hope all we to play with caution, be well.

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