Not Really a Bonus Hunt!

Not Really a Bonus Hunt!

💰💰💰 Visit for NEW casino bonuses in 2023! 💰💰💰

18+. Gamble Responsibly. T&C’s apply. If gambling has become an issue, please visit GAMSTOP

Visit and leave a comment to be entered into the draw. Three prizes to be given away. Only open to people aged 18 or over.

Sorry this bonus hunt was so bad! I’ll be back to my regular schedule from September, but videos will still be posted throughout the month.

These videos are my own gambling experiences on the £500 jackpot arcade slots, bingo hall £500 jackpot slots, online casinos, mostly on £2 stake, and bookies fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) on £2 stake, £500 jackpot slot machines. Although I have runs of winning and losing, in the end you will always lose at gambling, so make sure you treat it as entertainment.
My online casino slots are played at various online locations.
My arcade slots are played at various locations (FOBT and AGC), across various betting terminals by different providers, including Light & Wonder and Inspired Gaming.
If you have a problem with gambling, or would just like to know the options for self-exclusion, take a look at this site for arcade, bookies, bingo and land-based casino self-exclusion:
To self-exclude from regulated online casinos, visit
Many banks will also allow you to block gambling transactions. You’ll need to speak to a member of staff at your bank, or search through your banking app for the options and instructions.
Comments: 32
  1. hapciuc gabriel

    This is what happens to me most if the time when i gamble :))))))) but i gamble on 20-50-60 p stakes and deposit 100-200 maximum

  2. Sean1982

    What a change of pace! We go from 17 bonus buys to 1 bonus on a regular casino. People had a lot to say about your bonus buys videos, but this goes to show how brutal online games can be, I watch everything you post regardless of what format it is! Keep the great content coming! 💪🏻

  3. Alfie 146

    Disco mania pls

  4. Paulo g

    Omg mate. That's bad.

  5. mrv123weir

    And “they” say that they don’t have an RTP switch! It’s funny how some days/weeks one is on a roll,.. then all of a sudden it costs 2000x to win a 10x bonus, rigged af.. I’ll still play though😂

  6. Tim Hinson

    Uk slots are not playable now, and people wonder why streamers are going to crypto sites

  7. Slawomir Szparaga

    Standing ovation people it was amazing 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Alex Cuthbertson

    Sorry I can’t join your TWITTER competition as I don’t do social media I only have YouTube (bit unfair)

  9. Michael Aitchison

    A video at this time

  10. Luke Fair

    And people would rather watch this than the bonus buys. Don’t get it.

  11. Lynie Crompton

    Wow , bloody nora. Better luck next 1.x

  12. Scam alert

    How can they be random if they can change the payout percentage to what they want ??

  13. Badger

    Please gamble responsible lol exactly why I don't play any slots I know you have some amazing results but over the years I'm sure your down money

  14. David Richardson

    Ouch, like one of my efforts.

  15. Thomas Watson

    this is the cruel reality of gambling

  16. Stevie

    Get back to what you used to do , limit it to £200 or 200 spins . Seeing you spunk over 700 chasing a bonus is hard to watch Darren .

  17. Vadims

    This actually big loss, for very short time gap

  18. mitsy40 Uk

    Wow that just shows you how brutal the slots can be, have a nice break away 😊

  19. Average Dad Hobbies

    I didn’t like the video for the video I did it for you! Better luck next time.

  20. Jerryb73

    Unlucky darren,hope your lucks better next time🤞🏼

  21. Stevie Hutch

    I complained last week Darren about ur bonus buys. This vid highlights exactly why u there is a niche for bonus buys especially after spending £400+ chasing a bonus. Seriously bad session 😮

  22. Ste Anderson

    Exactly why I haven’t gambled for 3 weeks now x

  23. Gamblor Slots Channel

    I've been here as well, some videos i wonder why I'm posting them but there's not much you can do if the slots don't want to play! I like that you've posted this to show "the other side"

  24. velipulla

    Why even upload this

  25. Peter Hutton

    When they on the take. They on the take. It happens 🤔🤔

  26. Barryjohn

    I luv ur bonus buys. Carry on !!!!

  27. Jay Michaels

    Well that was terrible ! , proper bad luck there Darren !

  28. Adam Wilkinson

    Yup brutal that was

  29. Andy

    Slots are always brutal bookies always win eventually but still love watching u play

  30. Casino crazy Slots & Tunes

    🤨 This Is The Perfect Video To Show How Pants The UK Online Casinos Have Gone Now 🙄

  31. Lee smith

    That one must of stung

  32. G5TAR

    Love ur videos

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