My BIGGEST Paying Bonus Buys V's My SMALLEST Paying Bonus Buys!

My BIGGEST Paying Bonus Buys V's My SMALLEST Paying Bonus Buys!

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  1. Emma Morris

    As always appreciate your hard work and variety even when it doesn't go to plan! Good luck for the next one, take care xx

  2. BrutallyCritical

    It's like taking candy from a baby.

  3. Stuart Tretton

    Slots seem to be dead these days, unless you can buy bonus buys which is sad

  4. yeaboi

    To be honest Darren I'm let down by u as u are using a vpn like them other streamers 😢

  5. Tristan Fitzhugh

    Great content Darren, I love the way you mix it up. Would like to see some more of the super bonuses at a lower stake, without the bonus buys we’d probably never get to see these 👍

  6. Wayne Styles

    The bandit has taken all the rtp

  7. Robbie Price

    3 buzzing wilds its the right one thats good

  8. Bees Nees

    It’s really bad when jammin jars is paying

  9. Bradley Brown

    I love your videos man. Would love to see you try out ‘wanted dead or a wild’

  10. Macca89

    Liking the bonus buys. At least you are guaranteed to see some
    Bonuses which is the point. Shame the state of UK casinos now are forcing you to have to buy bonuses because trying to bonus them naturally is getting ridiculous and rarely win anything decent. Good content 👍

  11. Kevin Stewart

    Jeezo Darren, moaned the whole video until the Folsom Prison hit! Ye of little faith 🍀

  12. Andrew Smart

    On Razor Shark – just put it in context, for a 50/50 spin to x5 minimum you would have won£645 or £1290 if you had been luck to get x10

  13. Muttley

    Thanks for showing us the real bonus buys mate 👍

  14. Ryan Jefferies

    Why content not in HD?

  15. Paul Rooke

    great viewing m8 love the channel :)

  16. aaron burns

    Great content as always mate . 👍

  17. David Richardson

    Good old jamming jars.

  18. ray wt

    Phew, i thought this was going to be a clip show from the the title

  19. Ben Bembridge

    Be nice to go on bonus hunts again mate didnt really think you'd go this direction i understand but love all the realness to tell you the truth gd luck on the next

  20. Matt stiff

    Goes to show bonus hunt’s playing the game can be so much more rewarding. Thanks for the video 🍻

  21. Patch Pepper

    Another swings and roundabouts session……. Nice recovery.

  22. Helen grotbags

    You should join the same casino as bandit that casino will give you max wins every stream its easy….

  23. Steve

    I don’t like these new videos Darren. Your best at the bookies and online slots, fishing frenzy, cops and robbers etc

  24. Connor

    I’m sure there was a lot of people against crypto than for it from your first video but your still doing them 🤔

  25. George Devlin

    Bonus buys seem to just rip people hard and kill the cash fast maybe now and again your get lucky.

  26. SlotsMasterNOT

    the race is a bit like the car driving by in fat banker..talking of which can you do a fat banker premium buy please

  27. speaktomybeadlehand

    Darren how about fat Santa fat rabbit and fat banker

  28. Рома Красавчик

    Can you show deposits

  29. Dean Stocker

    If you could mate can you do Gates of valhalla please

  30. kevin mottershaw

    I also have a rule Darren if I get a big win on anything well big for me is over £100 I don't go back & play it again for over 2 weeks that's my rule.👍

  31. andrew horner

    Hello Darren why not try picking one slot get the bonus on free pay and see what it pays and then buy the bonus to compare which one is better just an idea

  32. kevin mottershaw

    Darren buzzing wilds the middle one is the best I had 4 but obviously it's gambling you may only get one but I've done them all. I find the one you played likes landing low symbols the other one seems to land just one till 2 more spins left then suddenly lands another wild but most of mine have been just one wild. Mined you that's gambling anything can happen just saying my experience & playing normally not bonus buys. Biggest win on 20p middle one just over 100 quid.

  33. big man budd

    I understand you have to different things but I hope you don't just keep doing bouns buys

  34. Daniel Ellson

    Sugar rush is one of the worst games out there Terrible 😂😂😂

  35. Omar Gibeen

    That is standard for Sugar Rush- you got so lucky last time!!

  36. Robert Titchener

    It's like your evolving into roshtien

  37. baba

    When we going back to normal videos ? Sick of this euro nonsense, whats the point just so you can bonus buy ?

  38. Gus

    Ow fantastic viedo best every… What how can I say this after 2 mins it's a 30 min viedo… Because I thought I bee a sheep and follow every who betens to watch and Skipp's the video
    Darren lost 3k x

  39. Lee Taylor

    Great videos as always

  40. Connor Sharman


  41. onur karadag

    Best 😊

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