Most Slot Bonuses I've EVER Hit! (Is This The Best Slot Machine In Las Vegas?!)

Most Slot Bonuses I've EVER Hit! (Is This The Best Slot Machine In Las Vegas?!)

In today’s slot machine episode I hit the most amount of slot bonuses in MY LIFE! Is this slot machine at the Horseshoe Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas the best slot machine… EVER?!

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Comments: 20
  1. Peggy Fennell

    $1.00 bonus is time to walk.

  2. giavona mueller

    You'll get that wheel

  3. Steve Newman

    Thanks! $ 10.00

  4. Tom Cook

    It appears that there is no random wheel activity, especially in the bonus rounds??

  5. brandon devereaux

    Super low risk game!

  6. D C

    move from last machine…weak

  7. Tony Quartarone

    Are you Italian

  8. BoredBusy321Go

    So Much Fun :)

  9. RY Story

    Your girls is preety
    You are very lucky

  10. Brenda Spencer

    This game is truly not something I would indulge in ….it’s a no for me have at it guys !!!

  11. ipa poker

    Those bonus amounts should be illegal lol

  12. Larry Hall

    I never play 3 lines on a 9 line game.

  13. Justin Perrin

    The fact that a wheel spin won't at least get your bet back is pretty sad, even if it's more frequent.

  14. Patrick Buell

    This game is horrible…

  15. Brian, Sweeney

    Winner winner chicken dinner 😋👍🤣

  16. H. Shaw

    Happy you were able to cash out ahead. Such low hits on that machine..50 cents, oh my goodness.

  17. Officegirl57

    Yeah great job🎉❤🎉you guys are doing good 😊

  18. Stacy Hinkle

    But your betting a penny what you expect increase your bet or denom

  19. Demi Zebulon


  20. Linda Farmer

    This machine sucks 😢

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