Megaways Slots Bonus Hunt: 13 Bonuses – Random Stakes – £1000 Starting Balance

Megaways Slots Bonus Hunt: 13 Bonuses - Random Stakes - £1000 Starting Balance

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  1. Jason Vickers

    Was there no slot battle with the other 2 for some reason aint seen it cud u link it cheers

  2. Robin Froud

    Andy mate I seem to be having trouble watching some of your past uploads ??? I have to prove my age ????

  3. iain maple 206

    Great video and idea just shame about the payouts.

  4. Gary Plumpton

    Great video and content mate, what happened to sundays slot battle with bob and azzi 👍

  5. Barry D

    Some shockers again mate. One of them paid less then 3x. Should not be allowed to do that, it is called a bonus for a reason!. Oh well, hopefully that’s the worst one for a while. Let’s see some profit on the next one!. Nice one anyway mate, take care Andy.👍🏼

  6. simon Clarke

    Unlucky mate , not sure you should do that again

  7. astra6908

    It rains more in the desert 🤣🤣

  8. Melly 21

    where is the slot battle from you azzi and bob?

  9. Stevie T

    Can't all be winners…Still a good watch, what about a 243 ways bonus hunt 🤔

  10. Andy Breslin

    Oh well wasn't bad.
    Wasn't brilliant.
    Best of luck next time..

  11. David Hellywood

    Stop with Primal, please.

  12. Paul Dangerfield

    Very unlucky, liked the idea though

  13. Ali Rrr

    Glad you said you won’t be doing it again goes to show you have learnt from your mixstakes 😉

  14. devil damo

    the word nice is jinxin u


    Unlucky bud not too bad coulda been worse you’re running hot so wouldn’t be too worried man. All the best 👍🏻

  16. Rob-S

    I stay clear of megaways, the pay is more often than not, shocking

  17. Stuart max147 Allen

    Great video mate I love the megaways slots but to have that many bonuses and coming out barely getting half your money back is shocking, one day them megawasy will all pay for you.

  18. Nathan Leigh

    What's the difference? still the same RTP if you bonus hunt…..just silly….

  19. Phil B

    Unlucky mate can't win them all but some of the lower stakes paid better than higher 😂😂 happy Easter to u and your family 👍🎰

  20. Jordan Barker

    That's was so bad luck . Unlucky mate good vid all the same ❤️

  21. IRokUSuk

    Unlucky Andy. Not a bad idea, but you definitely picked a few stinkers. That Gimme Gold game is just awful, never seen it do anything.

  22. Robin Froud

    Good luck mate :-)

  23. Harvey Baldwin

    Great video and tough luck. So frustrating when megaways don't pay

  24. Djh696

    Most consistent slotter with the best mix up of games. Keep em coming mate

  25. RealAjay

    Ouch. Better luck next time mate 👍

  26. Grant Ramsay

    That wasn't £1000 starting. Not at those stakes

  27. Andy Hirons

    Nice idea, bad luck on some of them! So many non win spins now days !

  28. MadPaperPeople

    when was the last time a non streamer had a good win???and made a withdrawal … not this year yet…good luck…

  29. Mags and her 3 Moggies

    Happy Easter to you and your family and good luck for this one 👌👌👌

  30. Tutti Frutti

    Gl pal hope its a good one 👍

  31. gafgof

    Happy easter mate and to your family
    ..all the best

  32. bogdan i

    Happy EASTER !!! good luck mate

  33. Henry dr

    goodluck mate

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