MASSIVE WIN! Lightning Cash Slot Machine! Incredible Amount of BONUSES!!

MASSIVE WIN! Lightning Cash Slot Machine! Incredible Amount of BONUSES!!

Had an amazing session on Lightning Cash at The D in Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!


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Comments: 44
  1. Phil Kessel

    I just won 11,000 on this machine earlier today 😁😁

  2. Музафар Нуров


  3. Anita god is good 🙏😇

    Cash out🤣👍

  4. KVNS

    Aye…back to back to back bonuses!!! That was Awesome!!!

  5. charlie pearson

    awesome collective win ..congrats i love it when that happens

  6. HI HI

    I like your voice when you " heyyy"

  7. Lo Ricks

    Congrats Slotlady that was awesome, love it💰

  8. ojib wayne

    Back, a couple mid-spins to back to back to back! 😁😁 👍

    Four total!? Awesome win! That last one was golden!

  9. Tom Stylos


  10. Santana Yazzie

    Miss you

  11. Harley Grattan

    I agree, there should be a bigger value chip in the free games.

  12. GrottoRabbit

    I love when you sing to the coin fountains, always makes me laugh. Another great win and video Sarah!

  13. Kicknk68 Sandra Sandra

    Lol you keep saying lightning link instead of cash

  14. JesterJack

    Holy hell! What a run! Congratulations!

  15. lan lau

    PRETTY WOMEN👍👍👍👍👍💕

  16. Treasure Turd

    If this amazing run happened to me, I definitely would have had to flag down an employee to bring me a cosmopolitan and a clean pair of underwear. Good thing someone calm, cool, collected, and classy in the presence of multiple bonuses such as yourself is the recipient of such good fortune!!! Another awesome video!

  17. Douglas Wilson

    Hi Sarah,,,,be safe..🥰

  18. Tom Stylos

    Hi Sarah,what can I killed them bonus games..awesome win..very enjoyable to watch.

  19. Aishe velic

    Aishe Velic.great video to watch.☝️💯☘️☘️☘️🌈🌈🌈🎠🎠🎠🌜🌜🌜🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  20. Crooked Roots

    I just won $792 this morning at the casino and I only spent $50 😄

  21. Ed S

    I was so happy for you I felt like I was winning too.

  22. Michael 2000

    Very nice Voice!

  23. Bartholomew The Apostle

    Ever wanna take a sledge hammer to a machine and break it into pieces? I wanted to today! Mind you I never play with funds I shouldn’t but the machines at the Hamburg casino in New York are tighter than a clam!

  24. Christine Duval

    The girl that would pop up looked like you!!!🧡

  25. Randall Whiteman

    Wow, awesome run here. Not just the bonuses, but the numbers that were coming with it. Had me screaming at times. Sheesh LOL

  26. corey mccarthy

    Only thing hotter than that machine is you 😉 nice win !!

  27. imasmurfy1

    How are you able to record videos since casinos don't allow it? 🤔

  28. Mike Roberts

    I'd love to go to the casino with you maybe your luck would rub off on me Lol

  29. John Erpelding

    Personally I'm not a big fan of Lightning Cash. You always almost tend to go bust before you have a chance at MAYBE winning. That's why I prefer games like Wheel of Fortune. Leave games like this to people who have a lot of money lol.

  30. Christina Steele

    Awesome! Never say “last spin” though.

  31. Symbol Hunterz

    I woulda cashed out after the 3rd bonus in a row. But deff at the handpay like u did.

  32. YouKnowShorty

    Hi slot lady young kid starting to do same but quick question do u stop the machine or just let it flow? What’s the best technique

  33. Stacey's High Limit Slots

    Nice run! Love your videos and such a sweet girl!!! Good luck my friend!!!

  34. Nancy Mattix

    What a dream slot experience!

  35. Chris Micro

    You really are Lady Luck!

  36. Gareth Harding

    That was awesome

  37. bitlikethat


  38. Joshua Manson

    Funny how these machines are sometimes. I swear for every time there's 100 dead spins there are back to back (to back) bonuses that follow them. Great session there! Great numbers too. In my experience on lightning cash games, my hold and spins are higher on max bet penny denom than they are are 10 cent denom $5 spins. You proved my experiences wrong on this one!

  39. cassandraq cassandraq

    Center chip is nine spaces but only one payoff.

  40. Sheila Rogers

    Hi. enjoy your videos…just thought I'd put it out there. I got 4 back-to-back bonuses on a 7.50 bet (10 cent denom and not high limit) on the same version of LL that you play in this video. I have seen others get 3 in a row (it's rare) but never 4. Once in high limit, I got 5 gold cases on a 15 dollar bet and started the bonus with 1500 dollars. My favorite slots and they are highly volatile!!

  41. Malvern

    You're cute

  42. JR FLY

    Your Super Cute 😍

  43. Mario Lechuga

    Haha i love the way you sing 😂

  44. Mike Balduzzi

    Your too darn cute!

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