Lil Devil Bonuses & Heartstopper Bonuses Compilation!!

Lil Devil Bonuses & Heartstopper Bonuses Compilation!!

Wasn’t sure how long they saved for so ended up playing opening them all!

You can read the review of where I play here –

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I don’t put “Big Wins” or anything that will give the outcome away in my titles until at least a week has passed, as I like the viewer to watch without out knowing whats going to happen, so you can experience the highs and lows of my gambling with me!
Comments: 24
  1. Kev O

    Worst ever . Ban this shite rolla

  2. Salfordlad

    Real raw content always appreciated but I would have been smashing some stuff up in that room if I got shafted like that. Shocking returns

  3. john k

    Remember when bandit done this and won like 30k off 80p

  4. TJ070

    This grind defo not worth it, pays one in 500 bonuses..

  5. Thomas Badger

    How can they program the heart stopper bonus to pay less than 10x when it can cost well over 2000x to land 😅

  6. dunno

    cheers rolla keep the faith

  7. michael wynn

    like most slots , great when first introduced since then they have all been shite

  8. Candy Coated Poison


  9. Ging Pang

    No idea why you even bother playing this slot, its pure trash. Especially when the feature is only 7 spins there is just no value for money

  10. WherE-mE-weeD

    Tis shit makes me want to quit youtube and delete the internet, i dunno how you stay an honest man rolla

  11. RivmeAce

    Wow wtf was that Great video Rolla

  12. Steve Croft

    Ah man

  13. Raticusmaximus

    Horrible game

  14. Trucker Bob

    Omfg. Scorpion on the final. I just about upchucked 🤢 God must have the most epic sense of humor. Keep at it Rolla. Pretty sure it for sure owes you.

  15. James

    Try playing on the same casino as bandit he never loses 🤨

  16. John Murdoch

    Much love Rolla. Hope it turns around soon!

  17. Terence Gribbin

    How about a wild swarm build??

  18. AdZZZzzzz

    Stick to table games mate these slots would drive me round the bend 😂

  19. GetInTheVan

    3rd time I've had lil devil no bonus all the way and pay dick. I have had 5 1000x and 1 9000x before though

  20. A BB


  21. mrv123weir

    OMG! I didn’t know anyone could have worse luck than me 😂😂

  22. jody courtney

    Games so expensive when that lizard in a bottle, and the bleeding Scorpio…. It’s just horrible. But when you start playing it gets a hold of you… for not so super bonus. But we keep going so addictive.I had a few good ones,only on what I can afford. stakes nothing like yours.

  23. Orbital 47

    Why don't you show yourself depositing with your credit card with your name on it? You can blur the numbers… so we can all know that you are not playing with FAKE MONEY from this K8 website… strange, the balance ends then it fills up out of nowhere… ha ha ha

  24. Don Draper

    What games fucked you’re 5.k balance ?

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