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Please Gamble responsibly, my channel is here for the sole purpose of uploading my gambling experiences and entertaining you guys. I suggest not gambling at all as it is a very good way of losing money.
Comments: 33
  1. Gordon Gitchel

    Id love to see you play more 5 lions.

  2. Blane Butler

    What’s the game ?

  3. Keith Galendez

    Good shit Cody 🤙🏻

  4. Marc Lowther

    True story I’ve had a 5200x on dork normal. Haven’t seen the super pay that

  5. Synthh

    "Good people" isn't correct English unless used for a group of good people. Idk what chat's smoking but yeah, it's wrong.

  6. colby johnston

    Actually the biggest chaos crew win i have seen in like years😂

  7. Brice Morgan

    I’ve watched this guy for last 2 yrs and tbh it’s a bit boring now.. bring back the big bets

  8. hystericalglitch

    Cody bro. I’ve recently stumbled upon your Channel. I found you on twitch but it says 1 year ago. Do you still stream live ?? If so I’d like to catch the live

  9. BlissfulBash MTG

    Be nice to Rolland from Poland dude Jesus

  10. Gaddi, Lindon Illustricion

    why he got a lot of free spins?

  11. Beau Richard

    Классная стратегия. Обязательно попробую ее в следующий свой залет))

  12. Huy Quân Phan

    Cody watching P*rn when Piggy hit 2000x .
    Bruh 💀

  13. Victor Hammer

    rolly is such a drama queen and cody is too, so funny

  14. Brett Lawton

    WTF great win Cody…. Now UNBAN ME BRO 💯‼️

  15. A. GreatDude

    Where is Rolland from??

  16. Clay Thomas

    Cody cut Rolly some slack. He’s good people! Awesome win bro!

  17. richard ilagan

    Rollie calling the max win lol

  18. Juan Perez

    Cody’s just him

  19. Michael Gachetti

    Cody you crack me the fuck up keep that shit up

  20. TheDeerDancer21

    I'd say any charity that is involved in child protection 💪

  21. Josh Moon

    Hawaii donation would be awesome. That’s my home state. Love watching you as always codeman🎉

  22. Diaperwipe

    Yea kodeman!!!!!

  23. Justin Floyd

    i got my biggest hit from a dork gift. 4800x

  24. Hyperbola 89

    Lol nobody cares

  25. Cody Draper

    Man I need this dude. Code, it's been a rough few months man. And again, you just make the day that much more tolerable. Thanks for doing what you do and for me, us all, having the chance to enjoy "and hurt sometimes" with ya buddy! Much love my guy

  26. qento

    Amazing win on Chaos 👀

  27. Lee-Roy Ngu

    Was there live, was insane. No fucking clue a few stars would hit that hard

  28. Iri fikkk


  29. Loic

    Play razor returns

  30. Lk got skill


  31. Beej

    Please get rid of rollie

  32. WW

    What a session! I haven’t been in the streams lately. Ggs codeman

  33. JD

    Virtue first foundation! This is one that helps troubled youth and has helped many over the years. This was the charity i donated to when i was healthy and working it was my father in laws charity before he passed away!
    Randy Traeger founder of Virtue first foundation

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