I wasn't expecting THAT! Big bonus and lots of little ones! 🎰

I wasn't expecting THAT! Big bonus and lots of little ones! 🎰

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Hey everyone, a bonus hunt tonight with a selection of mostly £2 stake slots. I didn’t manage to collect too many bonuses, but there was an unexpected big hitter!

I hope you enjoy the video, and let me know any slot choices for next weeks videos. Thanks for watching!

These videos are my own gambling experiences, and although I have runs of winning and losing, in the end you will always lose at gambling, so make sure you treat it as entertainment. If you have a problem with gambling, or would just like to know the options for self-exclusion, take a look at this site for arcade, bookies, bingo and land-based casino self-exclusion:
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Comments: 30
  1. Stop and Step

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  2. Jordan Barker

    Great vid Darren 👌

  3. Mister Positive

    Online slots are so boring.

  4. smurfy

    Same slots over and over again

  5. Snakes McBeast

    regarding the bonus and lighting etc. It was flash gordon themed spins at first, but obv license reasons they had to disable it. Hope that helps :)

  6. Cal

    can you try clash of camelot

  7. Zereth Games

    That certainly was a bonus

  8. arthur adlum

    Brilliant 👏

  9. Gazzy

    That Fat Frankie bonus is a disgrace lol

  10. James

    Gold blitz max spins haven’t seen you go for that one yet mate

  11. Cucumber Man

    Thanks Darren nice selection and not to much of a loss better luck tomorrow

  12. Ellis James

    Fat Frankie’s it’s either the star bonus or nothing. It’s awful to be fair

  13. Paul Hamilton

    canary game is mince

  14. Craig sweeney

    First game and the best of the video was over! Also I’m seeing the same slots over and over again. There’s literally thousands to choose from but you go for the same ones

  15. Bandit Time

    Cheers as always Darren for your time and entertainment 👍

  16. Callam001

    is dreamvegas as bad as all the reviews say, they all say something along the lines of will take your money straight away but impossible to cash out. need like 10 different pieces of verification which doesnt get accepted anyways. or you have money in your account and they just outright close the account and you lose your money

  17. bishbashbosh

    Darren on dead canary you.need to get the 3 gold bird cages for the super bonus and that's where it pays the standard bonus is always rubbish the cages with a gold rim around them try and play for that maybe and get a big win also I find if u dont have the extra bet on the gold birdcages land more often

  18. Brooksy

    Can we see the new lion strike slot ?

  19. bowzaaaaa

    Legacy is duch a great game when it re trigs

  20. The 3 cairns

    Please try cops and robbers big money

  21. Darren Parker

    Yeah the first bonus is decent but you make it sound like thousands and it's boring the same slots all the time I absolutely hate the bird one it's absolutely pointless can't even see how you can get a big win on it

  22. James Leighton

    Great videos as all ways stop and step. 😊

  23. Disco Monkey

    Zero x's should be illegal on a bonus!

  24. Matt stiff

    Still a great video. Shame you made a loss though
    Always enjoy online content

  25. Jonny Mckeown

    Not only did I know what was going to happen in the first slot I also knew the red weren’t going to be any good. Pssshhh.

  26. dawsonbaby1

    £0.04 coin value is 4 times the amount of coin win

  27. Sally Timi

    Legacy of sea bookies odds and book of odds all great games there my go to I would love to see you do a bonus run on them Darren, great content as usual well done

  28. K6 Kaysix

    Just a heads up the 18+ logo often covers the balance :)

  29. Albie's Angling

    Cracking result on legacy there and fat Frankie's is a fun game but the bonuses very rarely pay including the top one with the stars the best one I've had is the tips one but think I just got lucky although I did notice the bonuses can be regular with
    it all the best for the next video can we have a bit of rise of merlin book of dead and games with the same style bonus please

  30. Benjy Dale

    Dead Canary is funny bonus to watch! Love how the birds tweet "wtf" as random stuff lands around them. The themes of this slot remind me of Fire In The Hole and Misery Mining

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