I Was SHOCKED At How Much These Treasure Ball Slot Bonuses Paid Out!!

I Was SHOCKED At How Much These Treasure Ball Slot Bonuses Paid Out!!

Today I decided to try out a couple of slots at the South Point casino in Las Vegas! This slot was called the treasure ball duo luck slot machine! More specifically, this was the elephant break slot machine! These elephant symbols were lucky from the start! But once I hit the bonus, it blew my mind how much it paid out! Watch till the end to see how much I walked away with! Have you scored any wins on the elephant break slot machine? Or would you try the treasure ball duo luck slot machine? A treasure ball slot machine? Or a different treasure ball slot? Elephant slot machine? Comment below your thoughts!

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting Vegas vlog, be sure to check out this video and watch till the end to see if we win our first big jackpot or handpay win! For more slots content at the Las Vegas Strip Casinos, Off Strip Casinos, Downtown Las Vegas, or Freemont Casinos like this video and subscribe for more vegas vlogs in 2023! :) Thank you all for watching Leslie slots!

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Comments: 22
  1. melissa underwood

    Anytime I get crap bonuses I’m outta there lol

  2. Вальдемар, пабг.

    Умница, 😊👍 удачи вам

  3. Jimmy Rhino

    I hear a hint of an accent. Oh yah and your bf is a very lucky man. 🔥

  4. Vicki Hough

    I can believe the terrible free spins. It's a Konami game. Notorious for low wins on free spins.

  5. ram ram

    marry meee ❤❤❤

  6. Dante dx

    hi leslie follow your gut for a big bonus😊

  7. davieboy1970

    She looks and sounds like you could be Celine Dions daughter 😊

  8. Ahmad Anwar Saleh Saheen

    Good Luck

  9. Jonathan Traylor

    Can never get too many Angry Elephants!

  10. David Kyi

    Konami machines are the lowest paying bonuses, in my experience.

  11. Keith HH

    All show and no dough.

  12. Soroush Farahbakhsh

    Very good decision

  13. Sucker4Silver

    A little advice. If you can afford to play the higher denominations, do it.
    The Minis and Minors are 10x what they are at penny bets. Also, most manufacturers set better odds for the highest denomination.

  14. Kreeme Rises

    This is a different theme than I’ve seen, the balls are usually large.. that’s the only feature that’s any good.. the free games never pay much but the balls can be hundreds.



  16. Colin

    Never seen that game before but will definitely keep an eye out for it,,,and well done 🤗👍

  17. Daniel P

    When are you guys doing your next live stream?

  18. Timmy Warren

    Very good Video 👍 👍

  19. TooMuchCoke 23

    Next time full screen of Elephants 🐘 🤞🍀🍀🍀… Take care, and God Bless 😇

  20. james GN

    Leslie eres un amor ❤❤

  21. Mark Jefferiss

    Them lucky elephants saved you .Great bonuses 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. JoshNC78

    Leslie I'm new here, hope your doing well

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