I Wanted The Golden Egg Bonus and I Got It! More Willy Wonka I Want It Now Features and Bonuses!

I Wanted The Golden Egg Bonus and I Got It! More Willy Wonka I Want It Now Features and Bonuses!

A 2nd attempt at the NEW Willy Wonka I Want It Now slot machine. This was an active machine as I got line hits, Oompa Loompa features, the Veruca Bonus and the Golden Egg bonus that I didn’t trigger in my 1st Attempt. Oompa Loompa features are random and can award up to a full screen of wild reels while increasing the height of the reels, and multiplying all wins up to 10x. The Veruca Bonus is a hold and spin that plays like Piggy Bankin. It’s triggered with 6 regular gobstopper symbols. The Golden Egg bonus is triggered with six gobstopper symbols where one of them is a gold one. You have two rows of eggs up top, and as gobstoppers land on the board, one of the prizes directly above are awarded. The top row has bigger prizes. When a gold gobstopper lands, it collects all the gobstoppers on it’s row and you get additional spins. Taken at Yaamava casino/hotel in Highland, CA.

Check out my Jackpot Handpays:

And some Huge/Massive Wins:


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  1. LoveStruck Gambling

    Super fun!! I rarely play this game, loved you showcasing it friend. The features are so cute on this game, happy Friday ☺❤🏹

  2. Sierra Slots

    What a fun session! I really like this game, especially all the music. Glad you got some good bonuses! 🤗🥰

  3. Sam H

    Nice win! thanks for uploading

  4. Yaamava' Resort & Casino

    Thanks for visiting! Keep on voting for us as Top USA Casino! We're currently No. 1 one with 11 days to go!

  5. Spin and Win Slots

    What a fun and active machine. I've always been a fan of any Willy Wonka games. I can't wait to see this in our casino. Good luck

  6. MsQueSLOTS

    looks like a fun game. nice session

  7. Slot it Like its hot🔥🔥

    4 wild’s great 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  8. Catherine Linder

    Very nice.

  9. susan oreilly

    Good for you !! Got the golden egg!!!🎰😊

  10. Amanda Libby

    I haven't played this version yet, looks fun🤑

  11. Peter Plays Slots

    Looking fun, was this at Yaamava?

  12. Alex Lopez

    Fun session!

  13. Slot SAVVY PK

    Let’s go Shinobi🍀🍀🍀❤️👍👍❤️❤️

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