I TESTED THE THEORY!!! $750 BONUS vs. MAX BET!! OH, BOY..... IT'S A BIG ONE! #casino

mrhandpay #casino #highlimit Welcome to Mr. Hand Pay’s Channel! My page will feature high limit slot machine play. It will also …

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  1. Archie583

    I see you went to the barber college for your haircut last week! 😜 Keep winnin', brother!

  2. Ian Delmore

    Thats a great way to lose your money fast, keep going you'll hit the big one.

  3. Pat Hochwarter

    I am surprised your friends wait for you ! 😂

  4. Adamizer Entertainment

    That was awesome to see!!🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾thank u sir !! Same thing happens when I bought the bonus on The Coin Trio piggy 🐷 bank’in barely make back the buy-in bonus money 💰 or just fall short all together 😂😂😂

  5. TheGamblin_man44

    Mr.Handpay 🐐

  6. W3Slots

    Where was this because most casinos in Vegas took this game out😢 I only played it once at Golden Nugget. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think it’s worth buying a bonus every time at least 🎉congrats

  7. LuckyGaby

    Wow I don’t think I like this machine Mr hand pay 😮

  8. SouthernPeaches136

    That’s a really crappy low payout game. WHO MADE THIS MACHINE!!?! 😂

  9. Jacobo

    The wizard only pays double on the regular pays not the reds, bc it’s cheap, lol

  10. Donna Rock

    Hey my handsome Mr Hand Pay. Win win win!!!!! 💕💕💕

  11. david D

    That game isn't good for that size bet especially the stingy instant buy bonus

  12. david D

    I bought the bonus on piggy Bank game for $250 it was on 6X . Luckily came out ahead it paid $650. But with all 3 piggy activated it should of paid better

  13. Jeff Sanders

    Quick spin a bonus is crazy to me! I don't understand that.

  14. Jeff Cruz

    That guy in the back. lol.

  15. chkyjh3

    Those bonuses were rude they must don't know who u are 😂

  16. MrProTechHD

    dude i told you before that buying the bonus is a SCAM

  17. Carrie Lapan

    Exactly why would anyone buy a bonus at 750 when you can win on 30 bets! Fun to watch

  18. Masons playground adventures

    Killed it again! 🔥 shirt again! What’s for dinner

  19. Diane Prescott

    I’m here. Nah buying bonus takes the fun out if it

  20. lafonda rogers

    i will never buy a bonus again…….

  21. Christy B

    Killin me with the quick spins in the bonus round!!!

  22. Jarett C.

    I think it pays better with natural bonus triggered based on slot experiment you so awesomely demonstrated, excellent footage🎉🎉🎉🎉

  23. Stuart Lacroix

    Jo got moobies

  24. Victoria Lewis

    I love Mr. Hand! “ it’s only 3000.00” Joe

  25. Ryan

    I told ya.

  26. doug wilson

    Yeah I have always thought that buying a bonus is a suckered bet . You just proved me right.

  27. The Coloring DIVA

    Awesome video 💛

  28. Nurse Destiny

    Actually, he kinda does complain in most of his videos.

    Everything, even a pretty good line hit or bonus game, he ALWAYS says it is “meaningless”, “teeny tiny”, “not good”, or a “fake” major or progressive ”, 95% of the time. 15:11 is an example.

    Side note: check the guy staring in the background 😂😂😂

  29. Bong M

    I knew buying bonuses a scam! 😅

  30. Esteven Lopez

    You deserve your blessings very fortunate good luck Mr.HP🤞

  31. Panna Chawangkul

    Pardon me for pointing this out, but when you play this game, the Cashman Kingdom, you must not push the stop button during the bonus round, because it will let you open at least one chest. When you push the STOP button, you only forfeit yourself of the chance of opening more than one chess. Usually the 3rd spin is the SAVE spin. Daniel, Vegas Low Roller played this game very well. Thank you & good luck.

  32. Marbe Valadez

    Your bets are scary, I'm saying why this machine doesn't pays everytime a jackpot, I took 300 or 500 to the casino hopping win big🫢

  33. Roy And crystal Cook

    Hold up, how can you get mad at MRHANDPAY FOR GETTING A HANDPAY, I don’t know how it works where y’all are at, but around here that is the same as triple stamping a double stamp. It’s fround on by all!😂😂😂😂. Just being silly, congratulations my friend. Great content! #1 slot channel PERIOD!!!!✌🏻

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