I spent $500,000 on 46 Slot Bonuses and this happened… (PART 1/2)

I spent $500,000 on 46 Slot Bonuses and this happened... (PART 1/2)

Feel free to check out my second channel today if you guys are interested in some more content from me. I will be uploading …

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  1. Gaming Shorts


  2. Kamran Asif

    Dude where’s part 2?

  3. Scott Webster

    What happens to part 2 lol

  4. Danny O'Shea

    Where is part 2?

  5. Brendan Allan

    PART 2 never cameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. CodGod-_-

    What a win the codeman strikes againnn!

  7. Jamie McClellan

    Part 2?…..

  8. avo13 swiftish

    Part 2????

  9. Ivar

    Is he buying al these bonusses one time in each game according the list?

  10. Jamie Bailey

    Whens part 2 off the hunt coming boyo

  11. TheFastestSpiderInTheWest

    when part 2?

  12. Poo BS

    Where’s part 2?!?!?!

  13. Michael yaaaas kings

    Why does it take days to upload second part ?

  14. Fahd Jait

    Where is the part 2 !!

  15. Footy4f

    Part 2?

  16. SaucyStout


  17. シcvcxn

    Bring back crazy time!

  18. jingles454545

    Sack whoever is looking after YouTube for you! We need our fix and we ain’t getting it !! Ps hope you win!

  19. Thomas Martin

    Omg u guys I'm so sad I need to take a month off from my hard life of gambling two hours a day. Whst a loser.

  20. MostDope

    cmon codeman, we need the part 2. missed your content so much. cheers brother

  21. Pawel Niedziela

    Hey cody nice you know what to do :-)

  22. Spectator

    i love when you do the screamo voice haha

  23. Heisman Andrus

    Smh part 2 still not here

  24. Pyro Tobias

    Whats going on monopoly is did why guys?

  25. ASwolenColonTTV

    THE MA (clips) FRO(Clips) TORONT(clips) lol

  26. Brandon Pauls

    Day 16 of my petition to play blackjack with mrrrrrr wonderful ❤

  27. wyll gauth

    I am so fcking happy youre back bro

  28. traynorbhoy

    Nice to see you back. But thought you where going to be taking it easy with the big stuff. 500k? Is too much

  29. Pawel Niedziela

    Nicd video and you know how this make win …

  30. Darren A

    Where’s red by the way? Haven’t seen him in a while, have I missed something? 👀

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