I opened over $300,000 worth of Slot Bonuses (32 Slots)

I opened over $300,000 worth of Slot Bonuses (32 Slots)

Feel free to check out my second channel today if you guys are interested in some more content from me. I will be uploading Gaming Videos, Reactions, Pranks, and more!

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Please Gamble responsibly, my channel is here for the sole purpose of uploading my gambling experiences and entertaining you guys. I suggest not gambling at all as it is a very good way of losing money.

Comments: 37
  1. Ryan Miguel

    hi mr.codeman more winnings solid followers hope you notice me . From 🇵🇭 🙏😊

  2. Rick Weiner

    Cody gave up the yt channel

  3. Daniël

    Guys he aint dead😂 But maby he stake contract stopped😅 He has max 300 people watching him on kick😂 Aint no way they ceep paying him millions a month for that😂

  4. Antonio Dangelo

    I just heard what happened!!!
    R.I.P cody i wish you never took the jab

  5. Jackson Lessard

    Codyyyy what happened

  6. bunghuleo

    Where ypu at boo been 8 days ❤❤

  7. Scrap Father Scrap Son

    About to put a search party out for Cody. Where’s the uploads

  8. ferrie chin

    I am your new follower and I liked your content keep it up :)

  9. Nick Purdy

    RIP Codeman. You’ll be missed😢

  10. Free World EDM

    Yoooo hope all is well mane no upload in a almost a week😢

  11. Jamie McClellan

    Hope all is well man no upload for a week nearly

  12. Julius Ndene

    You need to play Funky time

  13. Karen Dizon

    you no longer play evo games? crazy time?

  14. Allin Ent

    I really only watch when he plays blackjack. Its like a sitcom with rollie. Smart and funny guy even with slots but blackjack keeps me coming back

  15. ThomasLETSGO!!!!

    So boring those slots, should do more oft blackjack, if you can handle it ofc😭😃

  16. Eye Tec

    Where you now bro❤

  17. Ashdraked

    I never noticed the hybrid theory framed on the wall that is badass

  18. Chelsie Larouque-Pocha

    Where's the latest upload ?!

  19. Mike J

    Fruit party, hearts are the lowest. Strawberries are the highest. Stars are only second lowest

  20. ProjectCheatzz

    you should play crazy time

  21. Mr S

    Your the creator of poverty streaming. You should call it a day Cody

  22. TheRustyBadger

    I wonder if there was ever a monument where he spent a lot of money on a video cause he could afford it but it’s a bigger video than normal. And now has to spend a lot on every video even tho he ain’t profiting as much if the video bombs but it’s for the sake of the video.

  23. Matthew Tuttle

    See Cody hit big on Anubis, deposit some money, hit 1000x 3 scatter in 11 spins. All I hear in my head is Rolly "This is not the reality of gambling, you will lose, i'm down billions!"

  24. Garage Kitchen

    How do you buy different bonuses simultaneously

  25. Ekaterinka_6311

    Самый классный стример❤

  26. serotonin addict

    Just won 65 bucks on a 50 cent bet at the bar lol

  27. OT

    Love Cody probably the best & most entertaining guy out there. Yet would love to know how his sponsorship works with terms of how much money credit the owners of the game feed him weekly as it's clearly not Cody's money he's playing with because no one & I mean no one wins a million dollars in a week then 3 days later pump half of it back in to the slots.

  28. Ms9

    When is blackjack coming back?…

  29. k13r4n1991

    Shocked to hear rollies guesstimate under a milly or 2 😂

  30. Dcwood1979

    Every time he’s talking about banning Cleo. Cleo pops off. Lol

  31. Jeff Bezos

    "I don't know how to talk to her" "COME ON YOU FUCKING BITCH"

  32. Stelen

    lmao Toby is my dad, consider this our formal drunken apology lol

  33. BallyGotBenjis

    “That’s pathetic” , (1 sec later) “AYEEEEEEE” let’s gooooooo !!

  34. kevin johnston

    Max win on sugar rush for me was like 7 retriggs in about 10 spins then it just built up to BOOM off a 5kx

  35. Ryan Chapdelaine

    You talking to mochimo made my night 😂😂

  36. richard ilagan

    Cody! How r u going to drop another hunt during the game! 1 -0 leafs 1st int go leafs go

  37. Electrocali

    Daily degens is ruining your releases because I’ve already seen this and obviously don’t want to watch again.

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