I ONLY BOUGHT $350 & $500 Bonuses in Las Vegas for 40 Mins Straight!!

I ONLY BOUGHT $350 & $500 Bonuses in Las Vegas for 40 Mins Straight!!

I ONLY BOUGHT $350 & $500 Bonuses in Las Vegas for 40 Mins Straight!! Lady Luck HQ is at The Venetian Hotel & Casino in …

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  1. Tonya Mendivel

    Catching up ❤😊

  2. Tommy Johnson

    Biggest scam in VEGAS!!!!

  3. Pattie Bourque

    I do have to say that for a350 and 500 dollar bets you are only getting what ppl would get only betting a dollar or two 😮 That really sucked 😢

  4. Jeff NotNuts

    I will never buy the bonus, and because of this, I will never play this machine. Every video I have seen is the same, loserville.

  5. obiageli okoh

    😧😧😠 the second slot machine is even the worse: Ladyluck's exclamations are priceless and very funny lol….

  6. obiageli okoh

    i wont even play this oiggy slot machine next time if its me they eat more of your money than what they give back!

  7. obiageli okoh

    this bonus buying is a rip off please dont buy it again, stingy piggy slot

  8. thomas fitzgerald

    SCAM!! Cashman was a better buy a bonus game!


    You're not betting 250 or 500, that's what it costs to buy the bonus. The 500 is just a 8.80 bet. So you have to ask yourself if you would have spent 500 on the regular spins to get a bonus. You guys showed us that its definitely not worth it. 🥰👍

  10. goldbars1017

    Horrible game

  11. Ryan Balls

    Super fun sesh ,good luck guys

  12. Leo Ward

    I really love you and your husband's videos but that's like giving the casino all your bank information and letting them take out as much money as they feel like they deserve you do so much better when you play regular

  13. Dioun Ly

    Show us more lol 0:02

  14. Amber Worley

    Hey lady luck love watching your videos have you guys tried the new xing fu x888 slot they are pretty cool would love to watch you guys play that one

  15. Stephen Helton

    The new intro, new picture, name in gold, loving all of it.
    Sorry buy a bonus was so painful but Miran was ALL in so it was fun to watch.

  16. ltlblue72

    Thank you for showing both the good sessions and the bad. Better luck in the future!

  17. Leanne Snow

    Buy a bonus just doesn’t pay. I tried it once to show it to my husband and ended up being lucky. $0:01 version so it only cost me $50 for the bonus and all three coins turned. Ended up with $150 so tripled my bet. Still don’t plan on doing it again

  18. Alice Kramden

    What a ripoff. This option should be banned.

  19. Steve Manheim

    If you change your bet it changes the amount you can bet that's what the lines are for when you bet the 350

  20. Patti Smith

    I feel the coins that drop are so low every time I watch people Buy A Bonus🤨.. doesn’t make any sense when you are betting so huge. Thanks for trying but geez 😢.. thanks for sharing 🍀😉❤️

  21. Greg K

    We don't have buy a bonus on this game up here. A 3.60 bet got me all 3 piggies. Won over 700. It's a fun game

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