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Also; I throw in some room / suite tours of where I’m staying while chasing those ‘at times’ all too elusive big jackpots and lastly, Chef BOMBA 🧑‍🍳 comes out with the occasional food tour / review as well, of some of the best cuisine, these 5 star resorts have to offer!

Appreciate each and every one of you friends!🙌🏼

Pressing the stop button doesn’t change your odds of winning. But I do so anyways… 🤷🏻‍♂️ (even during bonus spins sometimes!)

Please gamble responsibly.

Regardless of how it may sometimes seem, I know of no “regular” slot player – who makes more money than they lose playing slot machines . The old saying “the house always wins” has a lot of truth to it; in light of that reality, I post my losses just as much as my wins on this channel to show the reality of gambling. Play for the thrill of it, the enjoyment, and the entertainment aspect. And only with what you are comfortable losing.

These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help. Know your limit and use a predetermined budget only.

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Comments: 33
  1. Debbie Kirkpatrick

    Great session.

  2. Debbie Kirkpatrick


  3. B Wren

    that is MADNESS! Outstanding win Bomba incredible! Congratulations!

  4. Ethan J. Ochoa

    It happens more on low bets than when all you guys do high bets

  5. Power Couple Slots

    Congratulation Bomba I seen it happen before, that was amazing when you least expect you got it.

  6. Carol HARTWELL

    Glad there's hope. Congrats🤑

  7. Mstiffthaboss

    Nice jackpot Bomba congratulations 🎉🎉🎉you are correct about the bet. I won $6,400 playing abundant fortunes betting $1.76…I couldn’t believe it.

  8. Secret Slots MP

    WOW WEE! What a bet or wager!! Congratulations!

  9. Isabel Izzy

    Well deserved ❤🎉🎉

  10. Lourdes Alejandria

    Woww what a mega wins

  11. VSPDX

    Congrats Bomba out of everyone I watch you’re the most deserving of the bunch, happy for you brother.

  12. J Berg

    Congratulations! This keeps my hope alive!! I will be next!! 🎉

  13. Quan Nguyen

    Wow!ViP room that awesome

  14. D M

    Oh I can believe it 66% of grand winners bets are under $2.50 bets!!!

  15. Philbert Beyuka

    One in twelve million,,,

  16. Rayven

    Congratulations! That was amazing!! Hope to see some videos from the Guitar soon!!💗💣💣

  17. Daniel Green

    Congratulations bro! So cool. The only time I ever hit the grand on dragon link was on a 50 cent bet using 30 bucks free play lol. Never even pulled out my wallet 😂 It was just over 11k. Biggest jackpot of my life was on a game called double blessings. My girlfriend and I were about to leave the casino one night and she needed to use the restroom before we drove home. I can't be in a casino without gambling lol so I put a 20 in some game called double blessings. 88 cent bet paid me the grand which was almost 35k. That was in 2020 right when the casinos opened back up. Still in shock 3 years later

  18. Oday Zoma

    Woooooow just wooow …
    I’m gonna play only dollar bet from now on 😅

  19. Diane Hockin

    Good job!

  20. Lily Marie Nielsen

    I saw a guy when it on 50 Cent

  21. Anthony Galler

    Great job I hit my biggest Grand jackpot last month for over $53K

  22. LEFTaTIP

    Big, huge CONGRATS BOMBA !!!. Can you tell me on the last ORB that hit …was it flashing thru the last window???

  23. silver buyer

    When did Having fun with NG slots takeover Bomba Slots channel?? 🤔

  24. dave fryer

    Congrats bomba as you said you never know 😊

  25. Susan VP

    Amazing win…like that you got it on the 1.00 Pennie’s!! Whoop whoop🇨🇦💴❤️

  26. Paulene Bear

    Awesome, your GRAND was well deserved.🎉❤😂

  27. kim owens

    Congratulations! That's awesome! I have seen 2 people hit the grand on Dragon Link betting. 50 3 times so it definitely happens! Glad it happened to you!

  28. Clarence Cormier

    Congratulations! First time coming across your videos. I like everything about your video: fun musical intro, great visual, relaxed voice and basic entertainment. So I subscribed.

  29. Relyonno1

    What a dream

  30. Cindy Avila

    Low roll is the way to go.
    I've hit 2 grands. One on .50 and one on $1.00.

  31. Desiree Aguilar

    Wow! Thats amazing Bomba!! Congratulations, my friend. Well deserved!!👏🎉🎰❤️

  32. Zeneida Valdez zene0301

    Congrats Bomba 😊

  33. Kimberly Contreras

    Wow that is great!!!😮

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