😮 I got ALL 3 BONUSES at the same time ‼️

😮 I got ALL 3 BONUSES at the same time ‼️

Slot Hubby and I stopped at the Peppermill casino in Reno on our way home to play this new slot machine. I was able to get a …

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  1. Melody Lopez

    Love SQ 👑🥰 this cow game looks like so much fun 😊 thank you for sharing

  2. Diana Hunt

    Looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing

  3. Robin Scarberry

    I love the new moolah game!!! So fun!

  4. Tanya Faust


  5. Melinda Cruz

    How cute. Love this game. Thanks for the entertainment ! Good luck! And keep spinning !

  6. Kevin Jennings

    That look like a awesome slot machine

  7. Ann jimenez

    Let's get slot Queen to 100k. Sending ❤ from Brisbane Australia

  8. Venus Blunden

    Love moolah ❤

  9. Janet Walker

    Love that game!!

  10. Lydia Castilho

    Thanks for showing us this new game (to me). Glad you had fun while making money.

  11. Cream Minicooper

    Moolah is a game that really hates me. I've played two versions of this game and I still haven't had a winning session on it. I haven't played this newest version yet but it looks like a lot of fun

  12. 19redrose71

    Hell yeah the new baby unicow MOOHLA ❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Xavier Robinson

    I was just in Reno visiting from FL. That machine was kicking my ass at papermill

  14. Wendy Lee


  15. Pennsylvania Low Roller

    Cool new machine especially with baby unicow. Keep spinning and winning

  16. La_Som

    Hello slot Queen saw you today at Jackson 😊😊😊😊

  17. Charlene Ayala

    That seems fun I dont think we have it at my local but will definitely be looking for it.

  18. Danetta Owens

    Good luck.😂

  19. Sally H

    Cute game…🙂

  20. Dene Brazzale

    Good evening SQ🌝🌙💜💟💜

  21. whatyousay

    I like watching you. The first 2 games you may say what they are, but then I try to figure out what they are. I look all over and don't see what your playing. Could you please say the games that you are getting ready to play?

  22. RM RM

    “Catch that Baby” SQ !! 💜 Rick had one job! Lol

  23. Barbara Herrera

    I have no idea what is going on with Moolah… I think that’s why I never play it much… plus it’s a bit boring lol You did pretty good playing it Danielle

  24. Patti Smith

    The new Journey game is so cute .. of course you got the baby Unicow no doubt at all 😂🤣❤️🍀🍀🍀

  25. Jo Strong

    Appreciate seeing new versions, thank you.

  26. The Shadow

    It was so cute i wish you could have caught the mom

  27. Carolyn Smith

    Alright 🎉🎉Good Luck SLOT Queen 👑 🎉🎉😊👍👍👍💕Bonus Time.

  28. Larry Smith

    Moolah just isn't my favorite game. (Maybe because I don't fully understand it). However when you can play for 2+hours on $100 that's awesome. Maybe next time I go to the casino I will find Moolah and give it a try.

  29. Paula Williams

    I LOVE moolah!

  30. Alex Shapley


  31. Roger Pultz

    Great video 👍

  32. Rebecca Givens

    Awe, I wish we had the new one. That looked fun.

  33. Bonnie Barnett

    Enjoyed video today😁the new Moolah looks awesome, thanks for sharing the fun😊👍🙏💜hope you have a wonderful day, your friend Bonnie

  34. Robert Eames

    I'm here at my local casino is called Ameristar casino and they allowed people to record for videos for YouTubers I'm at my first YouTuber met them on Friday her name is gambling granny and too bad one of these days you couldn't come up here so I can see you in person and you and your husband they will allow you to record up here he's probably had to have me commissioned to come up here and talk to him about about recording at the casino and they will probably allow you two would be nice to see you in person a up here

  35. Gloria Golemboski

    Don’t see this inVegas.. is it new.

  36. DwT Slots

    Dragon's Law Fortune Pots I just played this again yesterday not that great! You had a nice bonus. I can not wait to see the NEW Journey to Planet Moolah Slot Machine! I no you will be stopping in to play every time you go to Reno 🤣🤣

  37. Tanya Valtierra

    How are you feeling my sister. Your looking good. I hope your well. I know you look tired. I hope you get some good rest and some loves. Love you guys ❤

  38. Karen Curry

    Good job 👏

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