I FINALLY Conquered This Rare Slot Bonus!!!

I FINALLY Conquered This Rare Slot Bonus!!!

Check out the slot bonus I hit on the buffalo chief slot machine at the Green Valley Ranch casino in Las Vegas! Buffalo slots are always fun! Maybe next time I’ll even try high limit slots to get my first buffalo link jackpot or slot handpay win! Which buffalo slot if your favorite? Which new slots 2023 should I try next for my slot videos? Comment below your thoughts!

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Comments: 23
  1. Jonathan Traylor

    The Buffalos are Very Loud In a Adorable Sort of Way.

  2. Mae

    You're winning so much on your recent uploads

  3. S Ash

    Should’ve left at $300

  4. Jona

    Wow great win congrats 👏 on that hope you get even more

  5. larry saldivar

    watching your channel so boring you always play the same old machines like buffalo try diffrent machines for once newer games to make it more intresting you may get more views just saying

  6. Jose Fuentes


  7. Theresa Sears

    Awesome win

  8. Curry Slots

    This is my favorite Buffalo game to play
    Those added Buffalo from the coins can lead to MASSIVE line hits.
    My biggest win was on this type of Buffalo game
    Definitely a sleeper

  9. Lebofilms

    Buffalo Chief usually is hard on all of us. Glad you kicked its tail.

  10. Sonny Medina

    It started raining Buffalo and coins then it fizzled out😮get them next time 😊

  11. chido00000000

    OMG, this girl is such wife material!!@

  12. 24K Gold Slots

    This was fun to watch and see you win. Great job!

  13. James Heard

    Hello Leslie.

  14. Brian Osteen

    To bad it can’t go like that every time .. that would be nice❤

  15. Colin

    Great win Leslie and Sergio,, very pleased for you guys 🎉👏👏

  16. Lance Jones

    That buffalo got you a first spin on bonus awesome win

  17. Steve S

    Leslie, you did not listen to me, so I will say it again. When you start playing a different machine, bet higher than you normally do for the 1st 5 to 10 spins, because sometimes a machine will hit a bonus right away. Just like on this machine, you got a bonus on the 1st spin, and if you weree betting more the bonus would have paid more.

    Then if you do not hit anything on the 1st 5 to 10 spins, lower the bet back down to your normal bet.

    I played a game called Cash Eruptions yesterday, and I normally bet $0.50 cents, so at 1st I bet $1.00, and I hit a bonus on the 2nd spin. The bonus paid $100, if I was only betting $0.50 cents it would have only paid $50.

  18. Minna Fleming Busel

    Congratulations on getting your Redemption on the Buffalo love all your videos thank you so very much

  19. Melissa Acevedo de Jesus

    Hi nice win yesterday keep the streak alive🇵🇷✌️🤑

  20. Wanda Young

    Why aren't you playing games like this when you are live? I enjoy the lives.😊

  21. Paul Mito

    Nice win Leslie! Congrats and yesterday's live video come back win was incredible! 😀

  22. Al Wiebe

    Bigger bets, bigger wins

  23. Cyborg

    Lets see camera Guy !!

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