I brought Viewers on stream for $10,000+ Bonus Buy Battles (Part 1/2)

I brought Viewers on stream for $10,000+ Bonus Buy Battles (Part 1/2)

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Please Gamble responsibly, my channel is here for the sole purpose of uploading my gambling experiences and entertaining you guys. I suggest not gambling at all as it is a very good way of losing money.

Comments: 33
  1. BurnettBurnley

    White Supremacy Xposed

  2. Dbotanist207

    Rolland needs a web cam ! He’s hilarious!

  3. Mustafa emrah Çetin

    Great content!! This is very creative

  4. Thailand_TommyH

    I wonuld like to test my luck codeman, join me please

  5. Paul Jones

    fedora guy looks like the ultimate basement dweller

  6. Muhamed Uscuplic


  7. Mikey Zarger

    are these people from kick or discord ? how do u join discord?

  8. Quinn Hollingsworth

    cody you forgot to blur the stake logo on this one my man

  9. J SLOT

    Big bamboo bro is good

  10. Aaron

    Half these guys ain’t even old enough to gamble 😂

  11. Black and jack

    hey cody want you play sweet dream bonanza

  12. Lukas Scer

    I absolutely love your vids ! Keep it up THE MAN FROM TORONTO

  13. Unknown K

    Where do you stream? Checked twitch and it said last was 6 months ago!?

  14. William

    make this the top comment.
    I bet i could make you at least $3000 on a slot and if you do i get half of what you make or at least $1000 of what you make.
    we all know you are to scared to do this for anything that is why i am CHALLENGING YOU TO DO IT.

  15. Darren A

    Super buys shouldn’t be legal. There’s a reason they cost like 400x or something, the rule should be 100x buy

  16. Rj Is the best

    Did anyone else notice that he bought a 10k buy for stack em? Vs a 5k buy in sweet bonanza?

  17. HowdyHoneyBadger

    Average iq of Cody’s loyal viewers is close to single digits

  18. Sean Murphy

    Are you a die hard leaf fan cod or what ???
    If we make the playoffs this year. Come to shea heights in St. John’s nl and see how die hard we are !!

    The time of your life haha

  19. PJ Outdoors

    Love the content code man!!

  20. Cody Draper

    Finishing the tent now. Much needed my bro. You stay positive, keep thinking about the family, don't blow off the top rage at bj, you know yourself and I know ya too because from what no one else may say truthfully to you??????

    Your hearts on your sleeve whether they know it or not, you care about each and every and All of us. Love to be your fam my guy. Hope you stay positive as mentioned and As always,
    Be good or be good at it.
    Yes a little jack MAY be involved in my comment ;)

  21. David Mowry

    This is great shit right here. Breaking balls while gambling. Add in big titled cocktail waitress and it must be heaven. But seriously, this is fun asf. Cody always on his game, even when the fans slot calls shit the bed on the reg. Good man. Rollie wtf, ya gotta bring it. Love ya but your off tonight. Get in there ffs. But really good overall, only thing that sucks is it’s incomplete….cmon mfers get this gold out to the people asap. Well done.

  22. Waazir Baasit

    gambling is fun when u r winning its not a game u get ur money back when u r losing. Most viewers as u can see r youngster don’t gamble it’s all waste of money. Even this guy will agree

  23. Marcus Marcus

    No one called out Olaf the fisherman ??????

  24. Nas dupree

    Why all these guys look like highschoolers 😂

  25. Dalethestag

    best videos around! love watching these

  26. Noel r

    Why are some buys 5k and others 10

  27. nasabob99

    Awesome Cody, that you get your viewers involved with your stream! A great way to promote the "Xposed Community"! Thanks for being genuine! Robert /:-)

  28. Mike

    This reminds me of Howard sterns wackpack

  29. Xiang Fu

    Gambling is wrong Cody

  30. Savi0r

    19:33 that guy was so fucking salty lmaoooo

  31. Chris Cawthorn

    That looser with the belts. Arrogant guy. Keep him off

  32. Lee Shaw

    Yes miller a uk lad

  33. Flo

    Bean dip should send his belts to the guy he lost to. He is no longer the two time

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