How to Win Blackjack Every Time REVEALED

How to Win Blackjack Every Time REVEALED

Fastest Winning Blackjack System! Five-Dollar Online Bettors Win an Average of $866 an Hour! Get Started with a free “How to play blackjack for beginners”

I reveal scams like this one and many similar gambling scams that can be easily found on the internet. Blackjack, craps, roulette, and slot machines are in casinos for a reason…They make the casinos tons of money each year. There is no get-rich-quick scheme for any casino game. The only one making money in the scams are the scammers and the casinos… not you. Please do not fall for their lies.

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Comments: 20
  1. jujubi

    Wow, I tried your strategy, and it works, haha.

  2. djshortcutt

    Til the dealer wins 7 in a row

  3. Turbix

    There is a way to beat blackjack. It's called card counting. That's the only way. But it's NOT a get rich quick scheme, and it's NOT for everyone. All it does is overturn the house's edge into about 2% your favor.

  4. Amine Beydoun

    He’s dealing wrong

  5. Jonathan Wilcox

    Seem like the dealer winning not the player tf

  6. yodhangzien

    I lost 10 time one the road straight in history

  7. Michael Turner

    I can see this method is in tandem with the Shoebox, however, in my region in Southern Africa, we do not use the Shoebox, we use a Continuous Shuffling Machine. Will this method still be applicable?

  8. bryan corbey

    Ive never tryed these systems

  9. Lloyd Warwick

    This reminds of the Martinique system. Never works long term. Unless you want to bet 2000.00 to recover a 2.00 loss! Martinique: if you lose 2.00 bet 4.00 lose 4.00 bet 8.00. you will go bankrupt! I have a betting system but it sure the hell not this!😂

  10. yodhangzien

    I don’t happen sometimes to win

  11. dotto raphael

    Thanks gt it

  12. Chris

    the best way to win is not to play at all keep ur money!

  13. Sammyarid

    Love u, Lmao😂

  14. HeWhoIsNamedPatrick

    When you are starting out If you can have self control and try to win $25-$35 a day you can make a killing. 5 days a week that’s an extra $$1000 a month. Once you learn more then shoot for $50 a day and every 2 weeks go $25-50 a week higher.

  15. ABRmessengers

    This only works when playing with a shoe??

  16. Benoッ

    KOCKANJE UBIJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kid Dynamite

    Would you split 2 faces v an 8 or less?

  18. Db Cooper

    I don't get it is he selling a book or like he said he was doing things but not why

  19. Essa Albinali


  20. Najah

    Can you please help me I lost £700 I follow you

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