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  1. lovepreet Singh

    it was not smart play you could have bet on better odds where acutally is the risk because you were getting $550 back, so why waste on odds like +100 etc

  2. Clampazzo

    how do you guarantee $?

  3. Jeff

    couple questions about the 2k risk free bets. what's the difference between the points betting bet and a first fixed odds/traditional wager?

    your first Points Betting bet is covered up to $1,500, and your first fixed odds/traditional wager is covered up to $500. This means that if your first Points Betting wager or fixed odds wager loses, PointsBet will refund you an equal amount in free bets, up to $1,500 for the Points Betting and up to $500 for the fixed odds bet.

  4. Shaolin M

    Do have to have to deposit $550 to get a free bet of $550 bro?

  5. Luis Romero

    Is BetMGM legal in Virginia??
    Thanks in advance.


    If u in California, can u sign up?

  7. Ken Braverman

    Northern VA? I'm there with all the sports algorithms!

  8. Tom McPeek

    I love you guys but you gotta explain it’s a higher ev to put it on longer odds. A risk free bet like this on a -105 isn’t smart even if it is a profitable play on its own right

  9. Midnite 123

    I love these types of videos,
    about the Risk-free bets!!!

    —–Can You please explain to me,
    How to hedge these types of bets, to guarantee a profit?

    I somehow am a little confused.
    Thank you very much!!!

  10. Joe moma

    Do you care about the teams or just the math on the bets ? I wanna get started but do you care about the teams and players ?

  11. Kang Lee

    Great video Matt 👍

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