How the Sports Betting Industry Quietly Consumed America

How the Sports Betting Industry Quietly Consumed America

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Writing by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation led by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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Comments: 30
  1. Larry Davis

    Hey Wendover commie, don't be comparing supporters of constitutional amendments to gambo promoters.

  2. Jeffrey Whittle

    I have lived in Las Vegas for 10 years. I gamble maybe 4 times a year. After I lose $100, I eat a meal and have a drink, then leave. Lol

  3. Ethan Cowlbeck

    The difference between slot machines and sports betting is that sports books are beatable, but they profit because people bet with their gut. Sports books make mistakes all the time where the lines they post are out of sync with the true probabilities of outcomes happening. You don’t need to be smarter than they are to find those lines, you never will be. You simply compare the lines of other sports books to determine a range for what the true probability is. Thinking that sportsbooks will eventually drain your pockets is a losing mentality

  4. superfluous

    Betting and gambling companies are now doing what cigarettes companies did decades ago.

    Fuck all of them.

  5. Vyxx

    I worked in professional sports for 10 years and I had to exit this year. My youngest brother got addicted to gambling as well as 2 of my cousins. Watching it destroy their lives was really hard to go through, and I watched them borrow money from family and alienate all their relationships. You only get 1 life and I'm not going to spend mine co-opting betting organizations that prey on people with addiction. They would bleed my family everyday of the week and call it a profitable year. Fuck professional sports.

  6. xygomorphic44

    And this is why American sports are totally rigged.

  7. due whit

    The Dunning-Kruger Effect applies to a much W-I-D-E-R aggregate of humanity than is believed.

  8. Gabriel de Senna Corrêa

    Great vídeo👍

  9. uselesshero

    Just do what I did and never win. Gambling becomes very boring when you just give money away to watch something that was pretty boring to begin with.

    But I'm also not a sports fan, I can see how it can get out of hand if you combine a love for sports with winning money. For me, it's an easy way to make me care a little bit like superbowl, don't care what teams play, pick up put 20 bucks on them and enjoy the violence.

  10. TWG

    Can we please legalize gambling in texas

  11. Michael Lyga

    7:14 I genuinely want to cry now. Why is Jet Lag being tainted by the mere threat of betting

  12. liitup 7

    We wouldn't have sports if it wasn't for gambling.. odds are you'll have fun

  13. Tony Yang

    watching this video made me deposit $25 into FanDuels to try it out…

  14. Jin X

    Gambling magnats are shamelessly ruining lives.Thanks for this video.

  15. Don’t_Pay_For_Fury_v_Ngannou

    The worst thing is that bookmakers can ban successful players purely for being successful whilst they prey on the addicts all whilst pretending to be the opposite. I’m not against the gambling industry but they shouldn’t be allowed to ban successful players.

  16. Jameson

    Good, if I want to gamble my money away I should be able to.

  17. Ethan Warner

    Now do the marijuana industry

  18. hotsauce

    This why gambling is haram.

  19. abhay raj maurya

    In india, any online gaming invite 28% tax on any money involved, and than 30%tax on winning profit ,result in negligible online gaming .
    A 1000
    B 1000
    Initial amount
    2000-280*2= Rs 1440
    Platform fee 15% =Rs 225
    1440-225= Rs 1215

    Winner on invest of Rs 1000 Maximum Rs 1215 win after that 30%Tax on winning amount Rs 1155 is winner net win hence no gambling

  20. NurserySkunk02

    Exact thing going on in INDIA since 2020

  21. Daniel Barron

    Let people be stupid.

  22. Tieshawn Mims

    Sports betting became legal in AZ in 2021 and boy did I go crazy lol

  23. Rob Hollander

    It's disgusting.

  24. Racool

    Never gamble anything you aren't fine with losing

  25. Ankle Nuts

    in the odds boost at 1:37 kyler murray tore his ACL a minute into that game. sorry whoever took that boost

  26. Smart manufacturing High technology

    Working hard for something you don't care about is called 'stress', working hard for something we love is called 'passion'' I pray that anyone who reads this post will be successful in life….

  27. Your wife was in me dm’s

    As an American I would have thought america was the worst gambling state. It’s a breath of fresh air that American is getting shit. With that being said kind of crazy how gambling is almost a cultural thing in Australia

  28. nanlinr

    Gambling at its core is a form of entertainment. People can get addicted to it leading to bad habits, or it can make them feel more fulfilled in what they're doing already. What's the stats that show online gambling is leading to more problems than other forms of entertainment? I'm genuinely curious.

  29. Aspiring Polyglot

    This video made me deeply uncomfortable… Never thought I'd watch something to make me MORE likely to want to ban gambling

  30. Sotch

    In france its already like that

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