He Spent $500,000 on 12 SLOT BONUSES !!!

He Spent $500,000 on 12 SLOT BONUSES !!!

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Comments: 40
  1. John Thompson

    Yeah but we like watching it with you bro

  2. George Cristian

    You need to be a worm to belive that he is playing there with real money..is just a clown

  3. Nate Schirck

    all of your videos would be better if you didnt talk. ong there it is

  4. Jeffery Emmons

    I'm thinking you do a react to a noob video. Me for instance, casual player low stake with not much experience. Break down good/bad plays. Possibility?

  5. juan lee

    but dont see point here. They are not losing their own money.

  6. iEatBabyLegs

    That fucking Aden Ross accent 🤣🤣

  7. Jim

    Dig the bonuses. Keep ‘em coming.

  8. jitsu

    Bro your adin impression had me ROLLING. Holy shit

  9. kanin rainey

    Bonus videos are cool

  10. mario carmon

    Lmaooo I’m fuc*ed cheeser lock in bro lock in then he wins 50k on a 25k buy and he’s like this is mid we didn’t even win 😂😂😂😂

  11. Jordan T

    That Adin impression xD

  12. Jordan T

    I agree with the slot take but the hook is the big bonuses, most table games are 1 to 1 and maybe a lucky sidebet. Nothing like doing 80 cent spins and hitting a grand juicer.

  13. ترفيه

    That was a great video my bro much fun

  14. XeraMura

    18:50 wow neon

  15. Vladmir's offering

    still no idea how does bonus hunt work

  16. mgwesty

    These are the best slots videos to watch, all the Bonuses together 👏🏻👏🏻

  17. Ally lotti

    Bro adin Ross just turned 100k into 820k on stream

  18. Bill Hunter

    Love the content man. Keep it up. Question for you how much of this money is real and how much is fake as in house money/sponsored?

  19. elong087

    If he does this every night, I’ll would watch every video if you did a highlight of all of them

  20. Han Dolo

    Only 12? Sheesh

  21. Cole

    Hope he made a bag off hacksaw games for promoting their slots with this live stream

  22. Smolleツ

    i like this and bj

  23. Smolleツ

    mid mid mid mid, i have puss13s in my ear

  24. yng hstlr


  25. Brody Best

    Your impression of aiden ross is on point lol

  26. 12MAJOR

    Yooo 😂😂😂 The adin impression on sweets got me weak

  27. Dwayne S

    I think Rollie is one of those virtual assistants living in India. Cody pays him $2 an hour to hang out all day long 😂😂😂

  28. MagicDoesntMiss

    This slot is mid 😂😂

  29. Gomakazi

    Do more bonus hunts they are fun to watch

  30. untouched wreck

    100% agree with you on the no control aspect with the electronic slots bs!

  31. Dave Verbeek

    It is normal to lose some money if you spin slots as mutch as the streamers do, slots are designed to eat more than they give back, on the short term you can win but not on the long term. If you win big you are getting back the losses of other people and your own. I find it hard to believe that they realy play with their own money. All the streamers on stake play with absurd amounts of money so i think it is just playmoney from stake and not money that they can widrawl and use for themselves. Mayby i am wrong but i find it hard to believe. It is fun to watch dough

  32. Daan Damme

    Yes man watch more bonus hunts its great how you react to the videos they make

  33. Philipp surprime

    I realy like Bonus hunts keep it up best gambling channel on youtube ty

  34. Robert Peschel

    I like this, do more slots

  35. Shanel Custy

    Was a ok session but these bonus hunts are brutal

  36. JoshGambles

    You have become my daily channel to watch plz keep it up bro

  37. Fifou Biker

    « Its your fault cheeezerrrrr » 😂😂😂

  38. Shaun Ricci

    Haha I loved the Adin Ross impersonation!!!!

  39. Arvids Vilaus

    more of these pls

  40. Erik Johnson

    100% agree with that take. Slots are just a prayer or ah algorithm no strategy at all just luck. And the legal take % on most slot machines is .85-.92 cents per dollar.

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