IT’S WHY WE PLAY! Full Screen Action on Huff N’ More Puff slot machine by Light & Wonder! If you’re new, Subscribe!

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  1. TheBigPayback - Slot Machine Videos

    See the AWESOME MANSION FEATURE, and yeah, A JACKPOT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArnsnyY9L0Q Thanks for watching and if you're new, Subscribe! → https://YouTube.TheBigPayback.com

  2. Melanin Always

    Crush it nation.

  3. G Money Slot Machine Videos

    It seems that a lot of times the wheel gives the mega hat feature which I think is cool, and super cool that you got the screen full of hate to start the bonus! Great wins Tim your nice run on this game continues!

  4. Amanda T Joe

    Play big…… Hit max bet

  5. Joseph Verri

    Slots pay those who invest thousands and bet high. Those winners already have money. I enjoy slot machines but they aren't friendly to limited disposable income folks so watching the affluent win has limited appeal. Sour grapes maybe.

  6. Watts Slots

    Awesome Session My Friend

  7. Oklahoma Joe Slots

    I love having puff I have not got to play the new version The Huff-N-Puff and more. They don't have it anywhere around where I'm at. That's pretty awesome you getting the full screen I thought you was really going to nail it big time on that one still excellent win!

  8. ULISES Gaona

    Old bald congratulation

  9. Katie Gill

    Where's the full screen of hats??

  10. Adrian Schoolcraft

    @thebigpayback Do you happen to know the possible coin values for each of the 3 houses? It’s a percentage of your bet, correct? I’ve searched the internet all morning researching…

  11. Zoberg Wallace

    I love this new huff n more puff, I have won over 500 bucks on a bouns on a $2.25 bet

  12. Cooking without skill

    Your videos are enthusiastic. I feel like I'm watching a scripted episode though as comments are the same. Maybe add some different lines to vary? Maybe it's just me

  13. Cassanova Slots

    A heck of a session Tim!! Love seeing that bankroll go up and up!

  14. Rick feld

    Question. Do you ditch footage that contains mostly losses? You should do another vroup thing with NJ Slot Guy, TDM, OSS, etc. Thankssfor posting.

  15. Deanna Haney

    So fun!! Thankful for your videos even more today. I’ve been sick in bed for a couple of days!! Way to go Tim!!

  16. MK.21Slots

    Great session! 🥂

  17. Peter Chalk

    I don't know about crushing it but, stuck in there and had a very profitable win. Good job. Love this game too. Good luck in future.

  18. May Flowers

    Very nice, Tim!

  19. zimmy simms

    i noticed they went from cones to tape measure in the bonus on the line hit

  20. Doğan cumhur Guven

    This week. Much Lucky

  21. Mike Hartman

    I have to say it. It is flooded with ads.

  22. Barbara Herrera

    You love it … so do I Tim! So much fun and great potential. Congratulations on some nice wins. May you have luck and BIG wins…and “Do it again” 😊

  23. Pam Carter

    Wow that game is just to scary. Glad you pulled it off Tim. 💕💜

  24. Johnny Landon

    That was a great run! .. Lots of cool bonuses. I was hoping you were going to get the mansions feature on that $15 bet! .. Either way, you still walked away a winner. Thanks Tim

  25. Greg G

    So I finally played this game in PA, why the bonuses are good and have potential so at least double up, the line hits are sooooooo bad, in the original the line hits were decent even though the bonus is more rare. You got pump a lot of dough to get anywhere

  26. Donna McCann


  27. Jack Phoenix

    Recently tried out this game after seeing you play it and do good. My bet was a bit more modest than what you're betting. Got the mega hat feature and filled the whole screen. Did decent with the retriggers. Enjoyed the game and would play again. I'm glad to see you're still crushing it! Continued luck to you.


    Love that game.🥰👍

  29. Jayleigh_Bee

    Super shaky video… do you use a tripod?

  30. Dr. Ike Avina

    Great win Tim. I only like this game when it pays. Either pays great or sucks your money!

  31. Jimmy Does Las Vegas

    Nice wins!! Love this machine!! Surprised the big hat landed full. You have good luck with that it seems. Happy winning!! 💰💰

  32. Lesly Flores


  33. Laura Lee

    Awesome video! I also love this game. It doesn't always love me back, but I play it nonetheless. Congrats on your wins 🏆 👏. Pretty cool 😎.

  34. Mary Madsen

    I enjoy your videos but you need a tripod…..screen shaking messes with my eyes….Good Luck

  35. Andrea Nicholson

    Great wins. I love this game too

  36. Rosemary Tredway-Roberts


  37. ilikejohnhurt

    Glad this bonus was good to you. That all hats feature is pretty cool when you get it.

  38. Jennifer Porter

    I love all the different bonuses in this version…keep getting them Mr BigPayback 🤑🤑🤑

  39. Mike Rock

    You got a good fair amount of bonuses on this game I'm surprised you didn't do Progressive betting

  40. Laura22

    This is a game I love to play with YOUR money! :) It’s never good to me, though I have gotten the Buzz Saw feature once, which was fun. So awesome to see you crush it!

  41. Philip Checchia

    Tim.. glad that machine is good to someone. It's a money pit to me

  42. BCHonea

    You should do a DLucky spoof, throw $1k into a slot and bet $250 a pull (hopefully win) then walk away, give a thumbs up and say “just like that your money is gone”😂

  43. PeeWee

    I love this game too but it is either hot or not. It sure is exciting when it is hot and that mode usually lasts a pretty long time.


    You kill this game Tim. I always tell you to play this on your Live.

  45. Barb Arneson

    Good luck!

  46. Loren Staab

    You and others love this game and of course I see why but man it doesn't like me 🤣

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