Evolution Funky Time Live – Review, Betting Strategy with all 4 Bonus Rounds

Evolution Funky Time Live – Review, Betting Strategy with all 4 Bonus Rounds

Funky Time is the latest live entertainment gameshow from Evolution.

It’s similar to the famous Crazy Time but has a 70’s disco theme and 4 different bonus rounds.

A 64 Segment wheel delivers instant wins of 1:1 and 25:1, while the bonus rounds can win you up to 10,000x!

In this video review, I explain how to play and demonstrate each bonus round.

I also talk a little about my betting strategies and, importantly, the ones not to use while playing.

All expressed opinions are mine.

If you plan to gamble online, you must be at least 18+ or 21+ in some countries.

#ad 18+. Please gamble responsibly. www.begambleaware.org for help and assistance.

Comments: 18
  1. Priya r

    Don't play this game these all are paireted game u only lose all money

  2. Николай Гуня

    Сейчас другая прокрутка. А вот эта, да…

  3. Λούμπεν Προλετάριος

    stay away from evolution it is the biggest scam provider in online gambling

  4. The Work Suit Man

    Is Gold Bar Roulette still active…? cant see it nowadays

  5. maxim magdaleens

    Guys heisenberg is back!!

  6. Pisang Raja

    Just idiot want play!

  7. Räy MônD

    How many number 1 to the wheel board??

  8. Morris

    Walter White?

  9. Gooner

    This looks fun.

  10. alex ojideagu

    This game is a bit similar to Fashion TV Mega Party released earlier this year. It's also Dance Music based.

  11. alex ojideagu

    I came to your channel again when I saw this game today. Didn't know it was coming out.

  12. Anuj Tech Guru


  13. Yuckster

    Looks fun 🎉

  14. Marcus Marshall

    Nothing exciting about this game it’s trash

  15. Jaggybabs

    Wow the dance floor bonus looks terrible, wasnt expecting amounts that low

  16. jfeathe1211

    Great review Neil! Lots of good ideas here. Glad to see most of the bonuses have a physical element along with animated RNG. I’m a bit disappointed in the Bar bonus as it’s too quick and simple and entirely RNG based.

    I hope they can iron out the issues with Stayin’ Alive. The balls weren’t coming out at a consistent rate and the zoom-in camera wasn’t centered too well on the balls.

    Love the Digiwheel and how every spin gives every segment a chance for a multiplier. Wish the RTP was above 96% but volatility actually seems a bit lower than Crazy Time so might even out.

  17. Lorenzo Cozzo

    on which site do you play this game?

  18. Andrew

    95.99 is a terrible rtp, isnt megawheel 97.xx?

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