Doubleu Casino Social Game Bonuses Collector

Doubleu Casino Social Game Bonuses Collector

Collector works for all known games in Facebook
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Smart Games Bonuses Auto Collector
Comments: 9
  1. Helen Christensen

    I recommend this:
    So grateful it exists in 2020.

  2. virginia woods

    theres  a  easter  event  going  on  here  at   double u  casino  strip

  3. djsnoopy

    Double you has make a safety in the bonus after one our you have nothing to collect

  4. Dweebix

    I am getting " Sorry you are late"

  5. Alison Watson

    you have to wait till it collects all of them then press the collect button on Doubleu casino depending how long it take as in how quick your internet is it may take hours

  6. R3Connected

    when you have time just load and run collector and go to to somthing :))) return afetr hour or 2 and see how many you have in game :)))) Standart limitation Comes From Facebook is 200 items in your Inbox. . . so maybe this will be limitation

  7. Charlene Ross-Dodd

    Thank you for your reply. However, I accidentally found out through trial and error (lol). I now know that there is no limit AND you do not have to collect each one. They will accumulate until they are all collected. THIS IS SOOOO AWESOME!!!!

  8. R3Connected

    you can collect how many you can :) still i don't reach an limitation

  9. Charlene Ross-Dodd

    Thank you. I thought you had to click each of the accept buttons with each collect. This make the collector useless for me. I still need to know how many to collect before I click the collect all button. Thanks.

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