Cruise Ship Casino Slots!! 🚢🎰 Royal Caribbean

Cruise Ship Casino Slots!! 🚢🎰 Royal Caribbean

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Hey everyone, casino slots today on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Anthem of the Seas. This is an American cruise ship, so the slots are in $ values.

I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!

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Comments: 28
  1. Pauluss

    USA slots are just so pants its unreal. " Fur coat and nee knickers " as my nana would say. All singing and dancing bells/whistles but always pay like x10-x20 vast majority of the time

  2. Kamilija Stankeviciute

    There you r!!!

  3. Patrick Stenning

    Liked that,seemed more enjoyable on a cruise

  4. Muttley

    Good place to dump £20k while your enjoying your holiday

  5. Tom Collins

    Thought he meant the shot cost a million not the robot hahaha

  6. Brendan Henderson

    That's a bit steep for a drink

  7. Mr Simonson

    Hope you’ve had a relaxing break 👍

  8. Andrew Gizzi

    I thought I’d miss you😮

  9. miss beast

    Hope you had a lovely holiday and well deserved rest from uploading 😊

  10. Sean1982

    Great to have you back! I really missed having your videos to watch!!!

  11. Stakebuster

    Just a comment on Wheel of Fortune which I believe I posted after your last go on it. It's much better to play $10 a spin if you are going for the Gold Spin. The wheel is proportionately much better with four jackpots like when you play premium on Star Turns, only one on $7. Now of course someone will say it doesn't matter it will give you what it wants anyway, but on $7 the wheel rewards aren't great in general. It's definitely coded to encourage $10. It's not a bad slot, gives good turnover.

  12. Cucumber Man

    Brilliantly presented Darren love ship, loved the game play and those bartenders are amazing,
    Looking forward to slots action when you’re back off of your holidays thanks 😊

  13. Lynie Crompton

    Hope you had the best time ever. Nice have you back. Great video xx

  14. Lewis Dowsett

    Haha everyone on oab live stream last night saying darrens dead
    Bucket had to explain about 100 times you was on holiday

  15. bishbashbosh

    Welcome back thank god your back missed the daily vids hope you enjoyed your holibobs 🎉

  16. Mark Platt

    All bells and whistles 😮😮

  17. Not Really A YouTuber

    Not a fan of the US slots, they make a lot of noise for not very much… That said, the UK ones give a bell ring for £20 now so I guess we're following suit.

    Hope the cruise was a good one matey.

  18. Wayne Hoskins

    Welcome back mate

  19. James Hodgson

    Was in Paighton missed your content been weeks😢

  20. Gareth Dunbar

    Got to see a little bit of the lady before she realised the mirror was there and tried to hide

  21. OAB Gambling Channel

    Welcome back mate! Hope you had a great trip

  22. UKG RedFoxBandit

    He might be alive but the video is dead 😂 wheres the good videos??????????

  23. Aj motors 247

    Do some wild out laws premium but each values ❤❤ love your videos welcome back

  24. pipi cuupi

    He is back we missed u

  25. Carole Baker

    Hope you had a lovely time Mr step

  26. Jay Okay

    Hope you had a lovely holiday. Those robotic bartenders are cool. 😃

  27. Paul Wheeldon

    Good to see you back online safely chap. Some awful comments by some idiots, saying awful things. Yes, cruises are brilliant.

  28. Richard Donnelly

    Where have u been dude!!

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