Crazy time big win today, OMG! 7,400X All Bonuses !! 3000,2000,700,700,700,300 ! 2000X Re-upload !!

Crazy time big win today, OMG! 7,400X All Bonuses !! 3000,2000,700,700,700,300 ! 2000X Re-upload !!

Video title : Crazy time big win today, OMG! 7400X All Bonuses !! 3000,2000,700700700300 ! 2000X Re-upload !! previous video …
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  1. Kk Sadiq

    😢 i all miss 😢

  2. lauik dalam official


  3. RoseMarie Tolentino

    this fuckin game! I lost almost 100k, all time im blue lover but everytime they give big on blue im not playing 😭

  4. anonimus

    Mentira en este juego solo se pierdec

  5. chill chill lang

    Grabe tlga kgbi..naingit mn kmi kso lng mgwa huhu iiyak nlbg……nkp ghnyang kc if mgbkakali ng 1k tpis dpo mnlo..sayang po tlga kgbj..umuulan lo tlga ng bonus

  6. chill chill lang

    I was there…dami kc wasak n wasak…sa lhr ng bo us kgbi la mn lng..hira0 pg 200 lng puhunan..don pa kc ngtambay sa cta sa tg piso tpos sa blik doon..2kx 3kx..700x…umulan ng bonus khvi sa main

  7. Bidhya Pradhan

    I pick yellow so sad both timw

  8. SAKATA Hybrid seeds Venu

    I miss you not win

  9. 愉快な仲間達


  10. Emirhan T

    i didn't win once…. İts not fair :(
    Full number 1 ..
    Number 5 ..
    Coin flip 2 x
    No 2 number no 10 number no pachinko no ct no ch

  11. Lhen Hangsithang

    Grabe! As in namigay sila kagabi. Sayang kung kelan walang pantaya saka namigay

  12. Baby

    Not fair to other player who plays diff times.. see they give fkin 3 big bonus in 2 hours and then rest 22hrs a day collect collect from other player…. How is it fair?

  13. Mheltot TV

    What time in philippines?

  14. Naneth Baguioso

    I always missed those bunoses huhu😢

  15. EthelKathleen Medina

    What time sa Philippines yung 2000 times at 3000 times

  16. Shalamuka Mabunda

    Missed it😢

  17. Zaki Ahri

    matha assholeeefucking dealer not respect. game fake. stop all. report and close

  18. Joey Kaamiño

    Wrong pick me😢😢😢😢😢

  19. NGA NGA TV

    Thanks 3000x for the win 30k

  20. Nhel Taperla😁


  21. Taniya Khan

    😭😭😭😭😭…… missed all…

  22. Warrior

    With 1 bet i catch this pachinko 7x

  23. Dylanthe1

    Emy always find a way to get the highest multiplier. I seriously thought 2000x would be the highest for the day

  24. Anwar Abas Kusain

    What a lucky sesion today 3 sesion giving 2000x/3000x/700x

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