Cops n Robbers Big Money, Golden Winner, Eye of Horus & More!!

Cops n Robbers Big Money, Golden Winner, Eye of Horus & More!!

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Comments: 38
  1. Stephen Boyce

    You a cold Darren get better soon great video as always

  2. Kurtis Moran

    Might as well just get your money and throw it in the bin your gambles are ridiculous 😂 love the vids still but Jesus gambling in some of your videos at like £300+ win 😅

  3. Matthew Hill

    You got a cold Darren

  4. John Thompson

    When you play online any chace of a little book of dead plz dont know why but love that game thanks in advance 😁

  5. wild fruits

    A dubbbaaaa dubbbbaaaa DOUBLE!😂

  6. John Thompson

    I have enjoyed you bounes buy vida would like to see more ano some ppl dont like them but some of us do

  7. Ste Anderson

    Bookies are shit because you win £500

  8. Ozkan Sen

    I enjoy watching the ar arcade session good profit today it's better than losing. I wish the length of the video was little bit longer. Thank you for the upload Mr D

  9. gary conway

    Nice sesh darren👍🏻

  10. M Adz

    Love Showtime!! 👌

  11. Paddy and Paff

    Finally a bookies session!

  12. Paul Rooke

    great watch cheers :)

  13. Stevie Hutch

    He’s back 👍. Real slot playing at its best. Great wins. Any chance u can give Rise of Anubis next time?

  14. COB Slots

    Hi Darren thanks for playing my request of Cops and Robbers Big Money, lovely jackpot, well done mate 👍

  15. Graham Carrott

    Hello mate. I am Graham by the way and do you have to keep Waking the button as you don't have to do That as the Staff will ask you not to be Waking the button as they Can ask you to leave the premises and then you will not be able to do Any more Video to put on YouTube mate just Thinking of you That's all.

  16. mitsy40 Uk

    Great result in the end, it’s always good to see a decent profit 😊

  17. Lynie Crompton

    Nice 1 darren, hope your well, sound laid up on this.x

  18. Simon Evans

    Omg will you stop gambling every thing you win

  19. JRSC01

    oh no…! 17:53

  20. daniel sludds

    A lot better style video 😮

  21. Paulo g

    Decent session mate 👌

  22. J J

    Sounds like you're all stuffy nosed and bunged up there Darren 🤒

  23. Paulo g

    Hi mate can you plz play bonus on the moon the horder toilet roll game lol

  24. Abi Greenwood

    Where do I find show tIme? I can't find it on any machines in admiral or mercureven?

  25. Smyla

    Finally arcade videos, much better than boring online

  26. kkrispy2009 P

    84k subs well done can you play golden tablet or reel me potty again please

  27. Matt stiff

    Sorry can’t seem to enjoy the arcade videos 😏

  28. stone island

    Thanks Darren, good to see you with the old school machine's, missed it 🤙

  29. swiss tony

    Lots better 🎉

  30. Adam Wilkinson

    Nice to see cops n robbers big money ,pay

  31. Leigh

    Darren have you had any affordability checks in the bookies or arcades?

  32. WasitacatIsaw?

    Old school Stop & Step (Bookies/Bingo/Arcade) plus Online with no bullshit crypto or VPN Airlines. That's the sweet spot.

  33. Rhys Gilbert

    The King… Returns

  34. JG Slots

    Hi Darren. Can you please play party time £500. It’s a really good game. So so generous.

  35. David Richardson

    Thanks Darren, i enjoy bookies/arcade vids but ive found they bore me quicker personally as ive seen them for years, less games to choose from, max win capped at £500 and ive lost with higher frequency in bookies slots than i do online slotting. i guess only you know how your viewer rate has gone satisfaction wise and up/down recently. Ive see so many neg comments on you tube, but that does not mean 95% didn't enjoy, just did not feel the need to comment. Anyway good luck in future vids n if no more bonus buys then an online bonus hunt is my fav!

  36. bigtoe dan 50

    hope u had good weekend

  37. le chat

    First(probably) 🙂

  38. SoO_Reaper

    No comment

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