Casino Slots $5 Bonus Round with Pots

Casino Slots $5 Bonus Round with Pots

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18+. Gamble Responsibly. T&C’s apply. If gambling has become an issue, please visit GAMSTOP

These videos are my own gambling experiences on the £500 jackpot arcade slots, bingo hall £500 jackpot slots, online casinos, mostly on £2 stake, and bookies fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) on £2 stake, £500 jackpot slot machines. Although I have runs of winning and losing, in the end you will always lose at gambling, so make sure you treat it as entertainment.
My online casino slots are played at various online locations.
My arcade slots are played at various locations (FOBT and AGC), across various betting terminals by different providers, including Light & Wonder and Inspired Gaming.
If you have a problem with gambling, or would just like to know the options for self-exclusion, take a look at this site for arcade, bookies, bingo and land-based casino self-exclusion:
To self-exclude from regulated online casinos, visit
Many banks will also allow you to block gambling transactions. You’ll need to speak to a member of staff at your bank, or search through your banking app for the options and instructions.
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  1. Dean Simister


  2. Stacey Mclachlan

    Miss your videos at a nighttime when I can watch them hope u have a fab holiday though 😊

  3. Alan Hulmes

    Alot of song and dance for 18.77 pot

  4. Wayne

    Where u been. Tut tut slacking lad ha ha. Hope your ok m8. Good to have a break thow 😊

  5. Matthew 123190

    Honestly put off ur page as there’s so many gaps in videos without warnings mate which is a shame as ur a good YouTuber

  6. Richard MacMillan

    Aye where have you been no videos all week

  7. MrMidjet85

    Wondered why you weren't posting didn't realise you were in Vegas good luck

  8. st ed

    its always a mini

  9. kkrispy2009 P

    He's very much alive he's just been abroad

  10. Prison FC

    When are you back 🎉

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